Embracing TikTok

Embracing TikTok

If you follow me on social media then you know how much I’ve been embracing TikTok. My real question is why isn’t everyone else? The majority of people that answer back say, “It’s so confusing” “I’m too old for it” “Only teenagers are on it.” Not the case at all. Will Smith is one of the top creators on TikTok and he is killing the game!

Let’s start with some facts. TikTok currently has 1.6 billion…..BILLION users! Yes it is primarily a Gen Z (born 1995-2015) app but so what. Some of my favorite accounts happen to be Millenials (myself) and Baby Boomers (aka our parents). The kicker whenever I mention the app to people is “I don’t feel like downloading another social media platform.” Well unlike Facebook and Instagram which in my opinion have been ruined by their algorithm, TikTok is way more authentic. It doesn’t feel competitive at all, just inspirational.

Content doesn’t feel as competitive

My creative juices have been flowing since downloading the app. I’ve also reached wayyyyyyyy more people with my under 8,000 followers on TikTok than I ever have with my almost 24K followers on Instagram. Videos are short, sweet and to the point. I try to get as much creativity in my 15-60 second videos and it’s so much fun! The key takeaway for me, you can’t fake it in a video. You don’t have to worry about “perfectly posed”, edited or filtered photos that make you feel unfulfilled with your own life. The app is super lighthearted.

Some fashion brands and others are finally coming around to the app and I’ve actually got a couple of campaigns creating TikToks, how cool is that!? Oh and Rihanna just made an announcement of her “Fenty House” in which she has like 5 TikTok influencers live in a house to solely create Fenty Beauty TikTok content….genius!

Actual Growth and Being Seen

Everyone’s main complaint on Instagram is that they aren’t growing/gaining followers thus people aren’t seeing your work and content. Trust me, I feel you on that one but you truly have to believe that your numbers are the end all be all, your content is. Since TikTok doesn’t have that algorithm, people actually see what you are creating. When people see you, you feel more valued so in essence I’m a little partial to TikTok right now.

I’m not giving up on Instagram all together or anything but it is just refreshing to see and know when I am creating these videos that it’s not going unnoticed. It’s also really cool that I could post a video months ago that doesn’t do well and then it circulates TikTok through their algorithm and suddenly it’s a hit! I’ve been posting regular videos…specifically styling videos for about a month now and I’m almost at 10K followers!

New Opportunities

Since posting videos regularly, I’ve had some of the most unique experiences. My most recent appearing on our local news Fox29 for a TikTok segment with the Cabrini Dance Team. We did a couple of the popular TikTok dances and shared a tutorial of how moms can get better at it to keep up with their kids.

Myself, Jenn Fred and the Cabrini Dance Team

If you want to follow me or would just like to check out some of my videos just click here. They are a mixture of dances and styling videos. My styling videos do best but the dance videos are fun, plus I’m a dancer. My best performing video got over 200K views in 3 days!

Embracing TikTok

I’m not sure where it’s going but I’m just here for the ride. I’d love to hear your thoughts about TikTok, especially if you have reservations about it. What do you think? Do you think Instagram is reaching the end of its reign as top social media platform?

Thanks for reading!