Fair Isle Sherpa

Fair Isle Sherpa​

I’ve been wanting a fair isle sherpa for years now and I finally got my hands on one. They are so warm and comfy, not to mention super cute. I like this one since it’s just long enough for me to feel comfortable to wear with leggings and not hat my butt feel exposed. Around the holiday times I tend to look forward ones with more reds in them.

I was so happy to get these photos the other day because this weather is always so crazy this time of year. One day you can dress for Fall and open your windows for some fresh air. The next day you have to dress for Summer and put the air conditioner back on. It’s maddening but these photos just scream Fall.

Oh and how fun are these hiking boots? Around this time of year is when I update my hiking/combat boots from last year. These in particular are great because they come in two different colors and come with two sets of laces. I did a poll on Instagram and I think we all agreed that the red laces looked better than the black ones. The contrast just looks great. If you like them, just order your true size.

Fair Isle Sherpa​
Fair Isle Sherpa​
Sherpa // Leggings// Boots // Bag

How could I forget to touch on my Spanx leggings!? These are the faux leather Moto ones and they are just the best. I didn’t get much wear out of them last year because I was pregnant. Sheldon said my boots and leggings are giving black widow vibes lol. Well I hope you all have a great Wednesday. I’m dealing with a super clingy child plus continuing moving.

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