Fall Basics

Fall Basics

Let’s talk Fall basics. #basic. Y’all know that I could talk about this and transitional wear all day long.  I am constantly asked “what should I wear for Fall” or “what should I be buying.”  At the end of the day, I know we don’t want our money going to waste.  Also, you don’t want to have a ton of clothes in your closet that you don’t love.  Let’s stop wasting money and grabbing the “wrong” things and impulse buys.  These basic items that will get you through the Fall season.  There is so much more, but I don’t want to have like 40 collages lol.  Take note of each item and see if you need a little closet update.

I have almost everything on this list and continuously reach for them when I’m on the go.  I will mention that some of the items I added are 2016 Fall trends.  I’ll touch on that in a later post.

Fall Basics

Off The Shoulder (OTS) sweater – This is a 2016 trend.  Summer time consisted of off the shoulder tops, dresses and rompers.  This trend has made it’s way into Fall as well.  If you aren’t into the whole OTS trend, have a light sweater in your wardrobe for Fall.  We all know the weather can be unpredictable.

White or Black tee – I didn’t find the need to share a picture of both.  These tees are pretty self explanatory.  You can wear them in so many different ways and with different outfits.  Literally with jeans, a skirt, booties, knee boots, sneakers, a blazer…you name it.  My favorite are the BP. tees from Nordstrom

Cargo/Utility Jacket or vest – I talked briefly about this is my post the other day.  They can be worn many ways and are great for layering.

Hat – Bad hair day?  No problem!  Hats are the perfect addition to a Fall outfit.  They complete transform your look, make it more chic, and conceal your hair if you have a bad hair day.  I have so many different hats and a ton of colors.  If you aren’t a hat person, just give it a try!

Stripe tee (long or short sleeve) – Fall is the best time to start layering clothing and a stripe tee is the perfect base

Cognac purse – You NEED a cognac colored purse for Fall, no questions asked.  In my opinion, you need cognac colored everything.  Booties, sweaters, hats, it’s an essential Fall color.  I have the purse shown in the collage and I always find myself reaching for it.  It matches everything, it’s a cross body so I can be hands free and it’s so fetch (“Mean Girls” reference).

Tall boots (or over the knee) – I’ve been waiting to but out my knee boots!   Once again, these can be worn many different ways and with just about anything.

Velvet booties – This is a 2016 trend and I’m #obsessed.  I know this trend isn’t for everyone but I figure I would include them while discussing booties.

Booties – You can never have too many booties and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise lol.

Blanket scarf – I mean need I say more.  Y’all know my love runs deep for blanket scarves.  They are the one thing that I will NEVER let go out of style!   They are so necessary and the perfect accessory for those questionably cooler Fall days.

Denim skirt – This trend is still hanging in there and I still see the denim skirt around.  Personally I don’t think denim could or would ever go out of style (like in life).  If you want to give the skirt a facelift, add some patches to it.  Like back in the day when you would sew your girl scout patches onto your vest or sash 🙂

Get the best of both worlds wearing this denim skirt with faux suede trim!

Suede skirt/dress – This could be real suede or faux, no discrimination here.  BTW, I have this dress and I absolutely love it!  If you are not into genuine suede, I would not recommend it though.

Black skinny jeans – Not gonna lie, I probably wear mine at least once a week.

One last thing I’ll mention.  The color pallet of Fall literally changes with the leaves.  When in doubt think orange, rust, deep red or burgundy/oxblood, olive green, navy blue.  Also warm neutrals such as browns, tans, and even mustard.

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    • Davida Janae
      September 29, 2016 / 12:23 pm

      Thank you so much!!!! Hopefully I get you to try something new

    • Davida Janae
      September 29, 2016 / 9:29 pm

      So glad you like them! Have a great day love

  1. September 30, 2016 / 11:15 am

    LOVE those sexy boots dear 🙂

    Check out my new foxy underwear post:)

    Happy weekend! LOVE Maria

    • Davida Janae
      September 30, 2016 / 11:16 am

      Thanks love, you too!!!!