Video: February Favorites

February Favorites

February Favorites

Sheinside sweatshirt // Foreo Luna Mini // Cantu Leave-In Conditioner // Cantu Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment // similar mannequin

I’m back at it again on YouTube with my February Favorites video!  Let’s get started with my roundup!

First up – my Foreo Luna Mini facial cleanser.  Use twice a day, this lightweight cleanser works wonders.  It has 2 speeds but I think it has 3; low, medium, high.  It comes with a USB cord for charging (which you only have to do like 1 every 5 months…at least that’s what the directions say).  It’s also waterproof.  I’ve noticed that it has helped me on the problem areas that I have on my nose.

Second – H&M Face masks.  I couldn’t find the link for them but I’m sure you can find them or something similar anywhere.   They were only $2.95 so look for something around that price point if you were wondering how much they were.

Third – My amazing faux or fro hawk!  My stylist’s name was Lita and I thought she did an amazing job!  If you are interested in learning more about the styling team that I was talking about in my video here’s the link:

Fourth – Cantu Leave-In Conditioner and Cantu Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment.  I’ve been loving these products!  They smell amazing and I really love the consistency of them for my hair.  I wouldn’t recommend them if you have a thinner grade of hair but they are perfect for mine and I think for other natural curly ladies out there.

Fifth – My shows!!!  TGIT…yes, yes, yes, minus Scandal.  Pretty Little Liars which is getting cray as per usual and the season premier of ‘Blindspot’ which aired last night and was amazing!  Having shows you love just makes it that much more exciting when you get off from work.  I get so excited on my show nights.

Last but not least – my mannequins!  I’ve wanted mannequins for so long and there are going to be a big help once I start doing more styling videos for y’all!

The items that I mentioned are linked below and here is the video!

Thanks for reading and watching!