Friendsgiving Fashion

Friendsgiving Fashion

Sharing some Friendsgiving fashion with y’all today. We all have different types of friends in our friend groups. I thought it would be fun to make an outfit post sharing the different types of fashion that you can see at Friendsgiving.

The Extra One

We all have that one friend that always has to be dressed to the nines…even when they say the dress code is casual. Hi, it’s me, I’m that friend haha.

Skirt // Heels

Comfy Cute

I think we all can get into this look. We tend to eat more (and drink more) at Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving. Why not treat yourself to some pants with an elastic waistband? This look is super comfortable but the material makes it look like you tried.

Friendsgiving Fashion
Top // Pants

Ready For Christmas

Hahaha wait, ok I also identify with this look. Anyone else just glance over Thanksgiving and get straight to Christmas? Yes my tree is up already if you were wondering lol. This fair isle cardigan/sweater gives a feel that you are ready for Christmas without being “in your face” if that makes sense.

Friendsgiving Fashion
Cardigan // Leggings

Elevated Casual

I call this look elevated casual because of the boots. If this look was paired with sneakers then we would say it’s just casual. This look feels like what you may typically see at Friendsgiving. Not overly dressed but not in sweats either.

Friendsgiving Fashion
Sweater // Boots // Bag

The Trendy Fashionista

We know them and love them. This one is also me lol. The friend that keeps up with the latest fashion trends and always pulls them off so well.

Boots // Bag

If I do one more