Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Party

Baby Lovelace is a………GIRL! Taking y’all a little more in depth from our gender reveal party from Saturday.

Needless to say, Sheldon and I were convinced it was a boy hence our reactions in the photos. I also had so many other mom friends of mine that were sure I was having a boy too. Most of it was based off of my symptoms or lack there of and how I’ve been feeling. Allegedly girl pregnancies are more difficult than boys but baby girl has been good to me. Again, probably genetics. My mom had good pregnancies with myself and my brother.

Gender Reveal Party
My Outfit: Top and Skirt Set // Cardigan
Zach Thompson Photography

We did have to make a last minute change of plans due to COVID spiking again in PA. Originally we were just going to do a small reveal at my parents with just immediate family. We figured it would be safer to do it over zoom and the two of us here at home. Honestly it couldn’t have been more perfect. All I wanted to do was decorate and have great photos. Mission accomplished.

Another change of plans was the way we did the reveal. So I’ve played tennis my whole life and I thought it would be fun to hit a breakable plastic tennis ball that would break and be the color powder of the baby’s gender. Our parents were going to do the confetti canons. Instead, Sheldon and I had one confetti canon for the actual reveal, one for photos and then I broke the tennis ball after the zoom ended. I really wasn’t sure how easily it would break.

Gender Reveal Party

I didn’t get photos of me breaking the tennis ball but Sheldon got a behind the scenes video and our photographer Zach got this dope slow-mo video. Please enjoy the video below.

Gender Reveal Supplies

Before things got bad again with COVID, I had a plan to reach out to a few balloon vendors. Seeing as I was quoted no less that $400 I figured it was time to get crafty. I saved so much money by doing the decorations myself.

Gender Reveal Party

Blue Balloon Garland Kit – This kit actually comes with everything you need. There are 100+ balloons, balloon garland decorating strip, and stick glue dots which you use to stick the balloons together.

Pink Balloon Garland Kit – Since I didn’t see the color pink and blue I wanted in a kit, I ordered extra and I’m SO glad I got the pink. This also came with the balloons, decorating strip and stick glue dots.

Electric Pump – Game changer because you do not want to be blowing up balloons yourself.

Clear “baby” boxes – Do not be fooled by looks. Though I love the look of the boxes, they are flimsy paper and plastic. I thought they were more sturdy from their photo online. Yes I will probably be reusing these again for our baby shower.

Gender Reveal Confetti Canons – These come in a set of four. 2 pink and 2 blue canons.

Gender Reveal Tennis Balls – This came as a set of two. If you only buy one set, you only get one shot at it. Each ball has a string attached to it that you can remove with the corresponding color of baby’s gender.

Before I go I have to give the biggest shout out and thank you to my best friend Korlyn for being the keeper of secrets. I had the nurse call her a couple of weeks ago and tell her the gender. She has remained tight lipped (which is why I chose her lol) and just a huge support to Sheldon and I. We love you very much! Thank you to our friends and family that watched our reveal via Zoom. We wish we could be together but this was just as special. Also as always thank you Zach for capturing these images and videos. By the way, there are more videos coming. We will cherish them forever!

Thanks for reading!