Groom Fitting w/ Men’s Wearhouse

Groom Fitting

Groom FittingGroom Fitting

Taking today’s “Wedding Wednesday” post in a different direction discussing groom fitting.  There is so much information out there regarding the ladies but what about the guys?  I’m teaming up with Men’s Wearhouse to discuss the groom, more importantly my groom-to-be, Sheldon :-).

Groom FittingGroom FittingGroom Fitting

Much like my experience at David’s Bridal, Men’s Wearhouse is more or so the same.  When you walk in, you sign your name and wait for a stylist the meet you.  We had the pleasure of working with Josh at the Men’s Wearhouse in Center City Philadelphia.

Groom FittingGroom Fitting

The stylist creates a profile for you and then it’s time to get measured.  I’ve learned so much throughout this wedding planning process.  Guy’s measurements are so different from ladies.  Probably because their suits and tuxes have to be fit to them.  They also have other things to keep in mind such as their neck size for when it comes to finding the right shirt size.  Most of the times ladies can get away with just having their number or letter size (ex: 2 or S for small).

Groom FittingGroom FittingGroom Fitting

After getting measured it’s time to decide what you are going to wear.  Suit or tux?  Slim fit or regular?  Bow tie or tie?  Lots of things to take into consideration.  As a visual person myself, once Sheldon figured out what he wanted, the stylist starts to put looks together for you.  This is so you have an idea of how everything will look together.  Oh and a super fun fact, Men’s Wearhouse tuxedoes and accessories coordinate perfectly with David’s Bridal bridesmaid dresses.  Take that into consideration if you are in the process of wedding planning or any special occasion.

Groom FittingGroom FittingGroom FittingGroom FittingGroom FittingGroom FittingGroom FittingGroom Fitting

After looking around at a couple of different options I had Sheldon try on some things just to see how they would look.  Once everything was over with, you get the option of having a print out of your order or an email.  Email is always the way to go for me, that way I can print it out at home to keep for my records.  Our experience with Men’s Wearhouse is always great and even better when your stylist loves what they are doing.  Huge thank you to Josh and Men’s Wearhouse Center City for all of your help.

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*Today’s post is in collaboration with Men’s Wearhouse.  All opinions are my own*