Here To Stay

Here To Stay

Here to Stay Here to Stay Vida Fashionista Here to Stay Vida Fashionista Here to Stay Here to Stay

Shirt: Marshalls (similar) // Old Navy vest  // Old Navy jeans (similar) // Booties: Charlotte Russe (similar) // Hat: Ross (similar)

Let me tell y’all something. These pictures were impossible to take!  It was so cold the morning of. On top of that, it was windy and I took my own pictures. Between checking my tripod to make sure I got the right shots, the wind blowing my hat off and me chasing it down, I can say that I’m proud that I even got these pictures to choose from lol. I’m sure the people driving by got a kick out of it but I was not a happy camper.

On to the post. White jeans are here to stay for me. Yes, I will also be incorporating them into my Winter ensembles as well. Why not?  Rules were meant to be broken right…well at least fashion rules were.

In case you were wondering, we did not go to Frightland since some of the people I was supposed to go with got sick.  Instead I had a date night with my boo.   We went to the movies and saw Crimson Peak and got Red Lobster to go.  I hope you all have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading!