Back to School: Jean Romper

Jean Romper

Jean Romper Vida Fashionista

I don’t think jean romper is the proper term for this…maybe it’s denim.  Either way, today’s outfit is super simple but cute for a back to school outfit idea.  I think this is a great look for middle school/high school ladies.  Clearly I’m not in that age category so I think my college ladies could pull it off and older.  It’s all how you wear it and accessorize.

Jean Romper Vida Fashionista

No matter what age you are, you should always have a pair of booties in your wardrobe.  If you can see the height on these booties, they are perfect for school.

Jean Romper Jean Romper

Hats are another great Fall essential to have.  I know they can’t  be worn inside during school hours but throw it on after classes are dismissed.

Vida Fashionista

Last thing, I’m not too sure if tying a plaid/flannel shirt around your waist is a thing but hey.  It adds a little something to your outfit.

Jean Romper

similar romper // Shein purse // similar booties // hat // shirt // Michael Kors watch

What are your thoughts on this look?  Do you know what your back to school style is or your child’s?

Thanks for reading!