Gift Guide: Jetsetter


Happy Friday and welcome to yet another gift guide. Today for the Jetsetter in your life. Very fitting because I am flying out to Miami today! I recently partnered up with Vera Bradley to share some great travel gift options so I had to add those items in today’s post.

Hard Case Spinner

Today is my first time taking this baby out for a spin…no pun intended. Let me say that I am impressed. Features like it’s integrated TSA lock for added security let me know that my stuff will be safe when traveling. I’m also obsessed with how easy the wheels roll in all directions. It feels oddly satisfying plus, no one has time for sticky wheels.


Weekender Duffle

I chose this weekender duffle in particular because it corresponds perfectly with the spinner. Really it will work with any spinner. The back of it has a pocket that allows you to sit the bag on top of the spinner without worrying about it falling. This leaves you handsfree and that’s so key for traveling.


Cosmetic Bag

Whether you choose Vera Bradley or not, we all know a great cosmetic bag is necessary. Ones that are lined with plastic are key in case of any spills. I like this one because it’s large, holds a lot, and opens all the way so that I can see everything. Oh, and the outside is water repellent!


Packing Cubes

OMG who was I before packing cubes? I thought people were just using them to be extra but they really work! I’m linking the ones that I have but they are very basic and could be larger. They get the job done so that’s all that matters. That was proven to me when I went to California with just a carry on. I did the same today *pats self on back*.

Headphones/Wireless Headphones

Ever since I got these wireless headphones I have not looked back. Typically I use them working out but I love them for travel. They are way better than AirPods in my opinion plus since they are Bose, you know that the sound is impeccable. Fun fact: I secretly hate that constant air sound on an airplane.

Travel Jewelry Organizer

Y’all know I love my earrings and other jewelry. There’s nothing worse than taking out necklaces that are tangled *face palm*. I like this jewelry holder because it’s compact and has a sort of felt lining making it gentle on my jewels.

Portable Steamer

Ugh, I can’t find the link for the exact one that I use but one that is in the $25 range is what I have…like this one. As a fashion blogger it’s a must that my clothes aren’t wrinkled, especially for something like this weekend which is full of events. And who really has time to iron!? Most of the time I pack steamer friendly clothes so no need to worry about wrinkled clothes.

Satin Pillowcase

Currently in my cart but if you don’t know about satin pillowcases or own one, let me persuade you lol. Besides the fact that they are incredible gentle on your skin, they are on your hair too. As a “naturalista” aka I wear my hair natural, I have to make sure that I am going above and beyond for my hair. Retaining moisture is a big part of wearing natural hair and cotton pillows/pillowcases suck the moisture out of your hair (and skin). Do yourself a favor a get one.

Passport Holder

I love this one! It’s a total Louis Vuitton dupe and super sturdy.

Neck Pillow

Need I say more? There are so many different ones out there. Honestly just choose which one works best for you. I recommend these on pretty much any flight no matter how long or short.

Sleep Mask

Ha! Not just for off the plane but for on it as well. Anyone else feel weird sleeping in front of people *embarrassingly raises hand*. Sometimes I do but when I’m tired enough it doesn’t matter. Anyway, these are great especially if you like to sleep in complete darkness.

Portable Charger

I’m a blogger, hello! My phone is always close to dying when I’m out. I don’t have to worry about missing out on any moments with my portable charger in hand. Ha, just gotta make sure I keep the charger charged!

That’s is for today’s gift guide. You can see the rest of my gift guides here. If I’m missing anything or if there is something that you travel with that I didn’t list let me know. I’ll be here in Miami all weekend at Art Basel so be sure to follow along on Instagram for all of the events.

Thanks for reading!