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Siste’s Cat Sweater // Chanel Vintage Velvet Shoulder Bag // Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Sailing Ship Earrings // watch

How cute are the kitties on this sweater!?  If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, then you will know that this week and possibly some of next I will be sharing some holiday inspired looks.  I had the pleasure of working with Chloe Johnston a few weeks ago to put together some looks for the holidays.  The table behind me in the photos shows the variety of beautiful vintage jewelry Chloe Johnston offered me to wear!  Today’s look would be great for a holiday party or fancy night out.

I’m particularly loving this sweater!  It’s super soft, warm and so comfortable.  Not to mention very cute.  Now let’s talk about these earrings.  Rihanna wore similar ones this year so of course I felt like a rockstar wearing them.  The last part of this outfit that I love is the vintage Chanel bag.  Can you ever go wrong in vintage Chanel?  The bag is velvet and very classic.

Keep up with me as I share more looks from Chloe Johnston throughout the holidays.

Thanks for reading!