Loft Wear Now Wear Later

Loft Wear Now Wear Later

Loft wear now wear later. The reason I love fashion and styling so much is because the possibilities can be endless if you know what you are doing. Some new items just hit the website over at Loft and I stocked up on quite a few pieces. If you follow me on Instagram I will be sharing a little haul later on today. If you are signed up to my newsletter I will share the pieces on the newsletter which will go out tomorrow morning. Here’s how I styled some new arrivals to wear now while it’s warm and then wear later when it’s a little colder.

Curvy High Rise Skinny Jeans

Loft Wear Now Wear Later

The outfit on the left hand side is how I would style each look right now. The look on the right is more for the Fall. It’s easy to take pieces from the Summer and turn them into Fall simply by adding layers.

Animal Print Pull On Midi Skirt

A leather jacket is always a great Fall staple piece to complete an outfit. Booties are also a great Fall staple which will make an outfit feel warmer.

Olive Ribbed Midi Dress

Loft Wear Now Wear Later

Midi dresses are a fantastic transition piece. They are super east to style when it’s warm just by wearing it alone with sandals. For my Fall look I just added some combat boots, a hat and tied a denim jacket around my waist.

Loft Wear Now Wear Later

Let me know if this post was helpful for you. You can find more ways to style items here.

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