More 2021 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

More 2021 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

More 2021 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and it was a request for more outfit ideas. Ask and ye shall receive. More specifically the request was for cozy looks but I think that is a little too specific. I think it’s always fun to do a variety of styles, that way more people can see themselves wearing the outfits. Take a look and let me know what you think. If you need more Thanksgiving outfit inspiration, check out this post.


More 2021 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas
Sweatshirt // Faux Leather Leggings (20%off) // Boots

As I’m looking at this outfit I probably should have just worn it with sneakers lol. Either way, it’s cute but most importantly comfortable.

Casually Dressy


I totally made up this name “casually dressy” haha. But I think it works for this look. It’s not full on glam but it’s also not most people’s version of casual.


More 2021 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas
Turtleneck // Jeans

Don’t at me for labeling this casual but I think that’s exactly what it is. It’s a very comfortable look too. If you eat a little too much, unbutton those jeans and close the shacket… will they know? lol

Elevated Casual

Dress // Boots
More 2021 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas
Shirt (50% off w/ code BESTWEEK) // Shoes

I guess these three looks could be considered elevated casual. I’m using the term loosely with the sweater dress and boots because that is my version of an elevated casual look. Someone else may think that is dressy. Jeans with any other footwear than sneakers will always look a little more elevated which is why the two jeans looks are in this category for me.

Elevated Comfort

More 2021 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas
Turtleneck // Leggings // Boots

This outfit could be even more cozy with a pair of sneakers or Ugg boots. Honestly I paired it with these over the knee boots because they were the closest thing to me when I was styling lol.

Comfy Cozy

More 2021 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas
Shirt // Pajama Pants ($22 w/ code BESTWEEK) // Slippers

Maybe you’re staying in or have a tradition of staying in your pjs all day. Here is is cute and comfy outfit idea for you.

So what are your plans for tomorrow? We always head over to my mother-in-law’s house with family. I’m so excited for this to be Cora’s first Thanksgiving. Her outfit is so cute and I can’t wait to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning at home with her. I tend to always get a little more dressed on Thanksgiving. If I’m not in a sweater dress in boots it will more than likely be tights and a sweater or something like that.

Thanks for reading!