Old City Festival

Old City Festival

On Sunday I went to the Old City Festival.  It’s basically an outdoor event with lots of vendors and food trucks from the area businesses (Old City).  It’s a great event because you get to see and learn more about businesses that you may not have realized were in Old City.

Old City Festival Vida Fashionista Old City Festival

similar jeans // similar booties // similar purse

Vida Fashionista

Puppy sisters

I especially love the food trucks because there are so many great restaurants in Old City and they have there featured items available for you to purchase.  So if there is a place you’ve been dying to go eat at but never made it there, you get a taste of what there food is like.

Vida Fashionista

Betsy Ross House

Old City Festival Vida Fashionista Old City Festival Vida Fashionista Vida Fashionista Old City Festival

Of course, I couldn’t go to the festival without making a purchase. I settled on a burnt orange colored sweater from Lost And Found for $20!  It’s super soft and comfortable. The color is also perfect for Fall so I can’t wait to wear it.

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