Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen

Isn’t this outfit just peachy keen?  There’s nothing like wearing a monochromatic outfit.  I know it doesn’t work for everyone to wear one color head-to-toe but I love it.

Peachy Keen Vida Fashionista

I especially love these YMI jeans that I recently got.  They are super flattering and I love the fit of them.  It’s always really hard to find jeans that fit me properly in the waist too.  These jeans were a perfect fit.

Peachy Keen Peachy Keen

What did everyone do this weekend?  I was in Miami for a college friend’s bachelorette party.  It was so much fun (maybe too much) and I am trying to come back to reality.  I will be doing a recap post on what I packed, where I stayed and what I did while there.

Peachy Keen

YMI jeans // purse // sunglasses // Michael Kors watch

Last thing, today I will be at the grand store opening for Primark!  A new store is opening in Willow Grove, PA.  I will be there shopping, putting looks together and more so be sure to follow my snapchat!  If you’ve never heard of Primark before, I recommend you do your homework because the store is amazing!  For all my local readers, there is another Primark store in King of Prussia.  Of course, I will have a post regarding the opening for you tomorrow!

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