PFW Couture Runway Show 2015

Vida Fashionista PFW Honor
Philly Fashion Week Founders, Kerri Scott and Kevin Parker, getting honored by a councilman for their hard work
Vida Fashionista Couture Founder

Kevin Parker

Vida Fashionista PFW Couture1 Vida Fashionista PFW Couture2 Vida Fashionista PFW Couture3 Vida Fashionista PFW Couture4 Vida Fashionista PFW Couture5


Blazer: T.J. Maxx, Dress worn as top: Forever 21, Sheinside skirt (different colors available), Purse: Marshalls

Closet by Christobal
Closet by Christobal
Vida Fashionista PFW Couture7

Lillie Designs

Vida Fashionista PFW Couture8

Moses King

Vida Fashionista couture models1
Two Moses King models

Philly Fashion Week, it’s a wrap!  Last night’s couture runway show concluded the 10 year anniversary celebration.  Let’s start off that Philly got about 6 inches or more of snow out of no where and then it started raining so the commute was no easy feat.  With that being said, many of the scheduled designers were not able to make the show but it still went on none the less.  I apologize in advance for not having all of the designers names but it was a task.   Hopefully I’ll be able to put that information up soon.  This was a wonderful week in fashion and I can’t wait to cover next seasons show!