Reversible Blanket Scarf

Reversible Blanket Scarf

Reversible Blanket Scarf Vida Fashionista Vida Fashionista Vida Fashionista Reversible Blanket Scarf

similar blanket scarf // similar shirt // jeans // similar boots // watch // purse

I love this reversible blanket scarf!  I originally was not going to get another blanket scarf because I have a million.  Then I noticed that it was reversible so I couldn’t resist.  Also, houndstooth is one if my favorite prints so I knew this was meant to be.  This scarf is from Primark which is an amazing store and I recommend everyone go there.

I can’t believe that I’m finally going to be getting back to doing outfit posts!  I’ve missed it so much and even though it is hard and still awkward since I’m still in my boot, I’m trying to make it work.  I’m also working on being settled in the new place so I can start filming YouTube videos again plus more!

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