Video: September Favorites

September Favorites

Today I’m sharing my September Favorites!  If you don’t know or haven’t noticed, each month I film and share my favorites for the month.  The one thing I need your help with is when to film.  As you’ll see in the video I normally film with like 10 days left for the month.  I want to give the month and things time to happen so that I can share them with you.

One other favorite not in this film is the Bad Boy Reunion Tour!!!  Found out I was going to the concert yesterday so I re-arranged my Friday night!  The concert was amazing!  I didn’t sit down one time.  It was so nice to see some of my favorites groups performing in the same place.  When Faith Evans starting singing with Puff I got chills.  Like all of these years listening to their music on my ipod and computer I finally get to see them live!  Needless to say, 90s Davida is very pleased!

I’m off to go zip lining!   I will be filming this so stay tuned for what’s ahead…should be interesting.

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