Short Girls Guide: Buying Pants

Short Girls Guide

The short girls guide to buying pants.  I know I just said the dreaded word “short” but let me explain myself.  Some of us ladies are not considered petite because of our inseams but the simple fact that we are just short.  So where does that leave us when it comes to shopping for clothes.

Since there’s no better person to talk about me than me, let me start with myself for example.  I am only five foot three and by clothing standards I am considered petite.  When brands make petite clothes they tend to make inseams and hem lines shorter.  While I’ll always appreciate a shorter hem line, shorter in seams are not always the way to go for me.  The problem is at 5 foot three I have abnormally long limbs for my height.  The plus side, I can wear clothes and look taller but at the same time I have to adjust how clothes look on me.

All this to say here are some clothing items, pants in particular, that petite or short girls should be buying.


Culottes are a pant with this magical ability to make short girls look taller.  I think especially if they are a little high waisted and a little tuck of your shirt.  If you bring your legs together, culottes tend to look like a long skirt.

Short Girls Guide Short Girls GuideShort Girls Guide

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Cropped Jeans

Cropped Jeans are a no brainer.  They are a Jean with a shorter length than normal. They tend to look very good on petite or short women because the opposite effect would be jeans that are too long. We all know about jeans being too long.  Higher waisted cropped jeans would be better to wear because it will elongate your legs.  Also, add heels for a taller look.

Short Girls Guide

Short Pants

Short pants are like cropped jeans but not denim.  They are a pant that is shorter in length than normal.  It’s all about proportions for short women to give the illusion of looking taller.

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