Philly Spotlight: Smak Parlour

Smak Parlour

Smak ParlourSmak ParlourSmak Parlour

Ever seen a dollhouse?  Ever been to a life-size one?  That’s basically what Smak Parlour is. It’s the cutest pink dollhouse looking boutique.  Located in Old City, Smak Parlour gives all the retro vibes in a current way.  I recently collaborated with Smak Parlour in this post just to give you an idea of some of their designs.  Also, this dress is one of my latest pieces.

Smak ParlourSmak ParlourSmak Parlour

First off, I am a sucker for polka dots.  They are one of those classic, timeless prints.  Polka dots also always mix well which is why I added this scarf with this look.  They are also so in right now.  But back to the dress.  So this dress was custom made as are all dresses at Smak Parlour.  What I love most about it is the bib like neckline.  It really gives off that retro/mod look. The black tulle underneath the dress does not come with it however.  I added a black tulle skirt to fill the dress out.  To keep the retro theme going, I added my favorite pair of sunnies with a pair of white pumps.

Smak ParlourSmak ParlourSmak ParlourSmak ParlourSmak ParlourSmak Parlour

Another great thing that I love about the store is the female empowerment and the two owners, Abby and Kate.   Total girl bosses and they have lots of accessories in the store relating to female empowerment.  There is a shirt that says “fempire” on it which I need to get my hands on.  They also have lots of Philly momentos and cute accessories relating to Philly like a necklace with the Philly skyline on it.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Unfortunately the weather here is not supposed to be great.  Winter just will not let go!

What: Smak Parlour

Where: 219 Market Street, Philadelphia PA

Phone: (215)635-4551

Thanks for reading!