WTWW: Spring 2017 Trends

Spring 2017 Trends

While I may not be the “trendiest” person out there, let’s talk Spring 2017 Trends.  I did my research and the same few stuck out on websites.  Some of these trends I am super excited for and glad that they are back again.  Others, I’m not too keen on.  Let’s get to it!

  1. Statement Sleeves – This trend is super cute!  It’s not for everyone but I must say that I am loving it!.  My only advice to you (and myself) don’t get too crazy with buying too many of this trendy piece.  I won’t make any predictions but just think if you will be wearing this in the next 2 years.Bell SleevesRuffle Sleeves
  2. Off the shoulder/Cold shoulderObsessed!!! *insert praise hands*  This trend has been around for a couple of seasons now.  Whether you hate it or love it, you have to live with it.  Once again, don’t get too wild with making everything in your closet off the shoulder, but this isn’t so trendy as the statement sleeves.  Case in point…my mom’s bridesmaid dresses were off the shoulder and ruffles.  This was back in 1983…talk about trendy and on point!Vida FashionistaLittle RedStraw Tote
  3. One shoulder/”Flashdance” shoulder – I am probably the worst person to be discussing trends because I will try them all once before truly judging.  As a dancer, I’ve seen it all and honestly I’m loving the flashdance shoulder!  It is very trendy at the moment so once again, don’t get too crazy with subbing this in your wardrobe.  However, it’s a fun trend and I definitely recommend you give it a try!
  4. Mules/slip ons – Another obsession.  I have like 10 pairs of mules sitting in my shopping cart on different websites.  Yea, the obsession is real.  I’m not sure on how long fashionistas will be into these backless beauties but for now I dig it.  Only downside…they aren’t necessarily work appropriate (hey 9-5 ladies and gents) since they are backless 🙁 .
  5. Statement accessories – Have you heard of Iris Apfel?  She’s basically my adopted, fashionable grandmom.  These statement accessories may be a trend of the moment but for her it’s her norm.  “More is more and less is a bore.”  Go bold my friends.
  6. Banker stripes – I’m talking pants, tops, shoes, dresses.  These stripes are basically like pinstripes to give you an idea.  Super thin and close together, this season they’ve been given a face lift.  It’s a pretty classic print so you can’t be wrong with investing in a few pieces, like a button up, for you wardrobe.OTS Tops
  7. Khaki – Not like your school uniform.  We are taking khaki to elevated and chic heights people.  Also, note that the color of the year is green.  I’m sure you have been seeing camo making it’s way on the fashion scene.  I love this camo jacket I just got!
  8. Floral bombers – I’m not too sure how long this trend will be here but I think it’s cute.  Right now I only have “letterman” bombers and
  9. Embroidered Denim – I don’t know how long this is here but I would rather buy some patches from A.C. Moore and sew them on.
  10. Frayed/Raw Hem jeans – Currently not in my possession.  I think these jeans are super cute but once again I’m not sure how long this trend will be here.  It’s definitely not for everyone and can’t be worn everywhere.  It’s like a chic upgrade to ripped jeans. Spring 2017 Trends

Clearly there are so many more but we would be here for a while.  Which trends are you loving?  Do you like when I do posts like this?  I feel it’s my job to keep y’all up-to-date on all things fashion.

Thanks for reading!



    • Davida Janae
      March 9, 2017 / 2:12 am

      Yes girl! I’m loving mules lately too!!! Thanks for stopping by!