Steak 48

Steak 48

Hello, hello long time no talk! So much has been going on that I need to update you on and I’m first going to start with our dining experience at Steak 48. We went on Monday September 14 and I got so many questions and comments about our visit that I decided to do a post for it. Below I am answering a few of your frequently asked questions regarding our visit.

Steak 48

Where is it?

If you are a Philly local then it is right next to the Kimmel Center on Broad Street. The address is 260 South Broad St, Philadelphia, PA.

Steak 48
Superfood Salad

Price range

This is kind of hard since there are many things on the menu that are market price but nothing was over $75. Given that this is an upscale steakhouse I think everything is priced fairly.

How’s the service and atmosphere?

So Sheldon and I come from the service industry. It’s the most important thing to us when dining anywhere and I have to say the service was beyond amazing. For this to be a brand new restaurant during a pandemic the staff made everything feel as normal as possible. We were literally greeted by everyone and anyone that worked in the restaurant, not just the front of the house staff. They even called my phone the next day to check in to see how our night went. I’d say that’s above and beyond service.

This was our first dine-in experience since March so we did not take this lightly. The staff took extra safety precautions wearing masks for all front of the house employees and all of the servers had masks and shields on. The kitchen is open so you can see all of the cooks wearing there masks and preparing the food which gives some added reassurance. The tables were also spaced far apart with an empty table in between each occupied one. There were also private booths. In the bathrooms, the stalls were sanitized after each use.

Alaskan King Crab & Rock Shrimp Mac & Cheese
Steak 48
Bone-in KC Stripe w/ Crab Cake “Oscar” on top

What’s the dress code?

There is no real dress code. Seeing as it’s more “formal” dining however, I would dress up. This doesn’t feel like a jeans and t-shirt type of restaurant and I would hate for someone to feel out of place. I would definitely come on special occasions in which you have an excuse for getting dressed up. Come on, we’ve been stuck in the house all this time, it’s fun to put on some real clothes.

Did I go before it opened?

Yes. We were invited to come and preview the restaurant before it opened to the public on Tuesday September 15.

Was there a special menu because I don’t see what you ordered on the website?

No. Everything that we ordered and that you see pictured in this post was all on the dinner menu.

Steak 48
Mini Beignet Tree
Steak 48
Ultimate Warm Vanilla Caramel Cake

So if you haven’t figured out by now that we loved the place I don’t know what to tell you. We can’t wait to go back again and bring our parents! Thank you so much to Cashman & Associates for the invite.

Thanks for reading!