WTWW: Straw Shell Bag

Straw Shell Bag

Straw Shell Bag Straw Shell Bag

Happy Hump Day!  Today’s WTWW post is all about this straw shell bag!  I think straw bags have been getting a lot of love this season.  Everywhere you turn, all of the “it” girls are carrying them (yes I’m talking to you Blair Eadie).  I actually got this little cutie on Amazon!  Since it is hand-woven, it took almost a month to get to me but it’s worth the wait.  I can’t wait to take it to the beach with me.

Straw Shell Bag Straw Shell Bag

My top and jeans are from T.J. Maxx’s online store.  Yes you read that right, T.J. Maxx has an online store and it’s amazing!  In my opinion, you can never have too many pairs of white jeans.  I just hate when they get dirty so having multiple puts me at ease.  I needed a new pair and I love this brand from them.

Straw Shell Bag Straw Shell Bag Straw Shell Bag Straw Shell Bag

jeans // Straw Shell bag

In other news, today is the kickoff party for Center City District Sips and I am so excited!!!  If you follow me on Instagram (and you should 😉 ) I visited Elle Lauri boutique to pick an outfit.  After my three picks I found the one.  Can’t wait to show you tonight!  If you are interested in coming, the event is open to the public.  Many people have been asking.  It’s from 5-7pm at Marathon Grill at 1818 Market St, Phila, Pa.  I will be there early (4:30) and it’s a red carpet event so dress to impress!  For more info, I will attach the flyer below.

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