Street Style

Street Style

Street Style

Lately I have been loving the traditional “street style” photos.  When it comes to taking photos the first thing we tend to do is pose.  While posed pictures look great, nothing is better than a raw, candid, in-the-moment picture.

Street Style Street Style

Seeing as I take my own photos most of the times using a self-timer, that makes things more challenging.  There are so many factors to take in.  Wind, lighting, cars, etc.  It’s so funny to me because looking at every post I could tell you a story behind the photos.  For instance, for these pictures I was up early to beat the rain.  Sure enough it started drizzling as I was taking photos.  It also became extremely humid so my nice curls turned into a puff (#curlygirlprobs)

Street Style

Also, to get that street crossing shot, I was almost hit by a bus, cab and car lol.  Not to mention that not only do I have to get out of the way, but I have to grab my tripod and camera too!  Anything for the shot right?

Vida Fashionista

top // Forever 21 skirt // Michael Kors watch

If you’d like to hear more “behind the scenes” stories, let me know.  I have a ton!  I also want to let you all know that I filmed a fun YouTube video yesterday.  I’m currently deciding on when to put it up.  I would love your feedback!  Ahh wait one more thing, I saw “Suicide Squad” last night.  You need to go see it because it was awesome!

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