Super Bowl LIII Cocktail

Superbowl LIII Cocktail
Superbowl LIII Cocktail

Not too much to say here but this is an easy Superbowl LIII cocktail recipe.  My husband and I met bartending so I love experimenting and making different cocktails.  Since the Eagles aren’t in the super bowl this year, I’ll be focusing my talents in the alcohol department lol.


  • Rum (I used Single Prop)
  • Peach Schnapps
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Optional: Club soda/sparkling water

The Garnish

  • Cranberries ( I froze mine, you could also make sugar coated cranberries)
  • Optional: Mint sprig (will sink and be flat so not as pretty)
Superbowl LIII Cocktail
Superbowl LIII Cocktail
Superbowl LIII Cocktail


Step 1: PREP INGREDIENTS IN SHAKER.  Ice, 1 shot of rum, two shots of peach schnapps (can add more or less to taste. More equals a sweeter drink) and add cranberry juice in until it tastes the way you like it. Shake well.

Step 2: MAKE THE COCKTAIL.  Start of with ice in your glass. Strain the mixed cocktail into your glass. Optional: Top off with sparkling water/club soda.

Step 3: ADD A GARNISH.   This is totally optional but I added frozen cranberries and a mint sprig to make the drink pretty.

There you have it. Easy enough and not much fuss. Please drink responsibly and have a great day!

Thanks for reading!