Throw Back Thursday + Life/Blog Updates

Throw Back Thursday

You definitely know this post is throw back Thursday appropriate because my hair is straight. Do not be alarmed (mom), these are some photos I had in my stock. I know that my posts have been frequent as of late but a huge life event happens in 17 DAYS!!! And if you don’t know what that is, it’s my wedding lol. Today I just want to share a few life updates and things coming to the blog.

Throw Back Thursday Throw Back Thursday

Life Update

The wedding. Obviously the biggest one yet, I am getting married in 17 short days!!! I can’t believe it. I kind of get emotional thinking that the planning is all coming do an end. Don’t get me wrong, relief doesn’t even begin to describe how I will feel. There is just something about having this huge day/event hanging over your head and then the high you get day of. The sense of accomplishment when you see your vision come to fruition. A year and a half of planning, saving money, coordinating, budgeting all gone within 24 hours of the big day. Just think about that. In my case, a year and a half of planning for one day! All very worth it but so crazy when you say it out loud lol.

My birthday! Y’all, for the next 17 days all I can think about is the wedding. After the wedding, I have even skipped over my birthday and am thinking about the honeymoon. First things first, I have a habit of rushing things…rushing time. I know that I need to embrace these last 2+ weeks of wedding planning. I’m trying to spend as much time as I can with my fiance and keep calling him my fiance while I still can. Anyways, my birthday is 4 days after the wedding and I keep overlooking it. Why? Fear that I will seem to “extra” for wanting to celebrate my birthday.

It doesn’t need to be anything big…I’m actually thinking about getting Chic-Fil-A catered at the house with close friends and family lol. Maybe even going out with some people later in the evening. Not sure but I don’t want to ask too much from everyone. After all, the wedding is 4 days before lol.

Honeymoon!!! OMG y’all. I know I am not trying to rush things but man oh man I am excited for our honeymoon. Sheldon and I realize that even though our wedding day is about us, it’s for everyone else. We are basically hosting an amazing party…which is work. Getting ready early in the morning, taking pictures…all day, chatting with all of our guests, a wedding is work. While we can’t wait to be husband and wife, we are thrilled for some much deserved alone time together. Staycations are nice but we have not been on a vacation outside the states since we got engaged!

Throw Back Thursday Throw Back Thursday Throw Back Thursday

Blogging Update/Next Steps

A shift in content. After the wedding you will start to see a shift in my content. Why? I am seeing less comments on the blog and I feel it’s because I’m not having a conversation with y’all that gives you a chance to talk to me. Yes this blog is Vida Fashionista but it’s also so much more than fashion. I want to share more lifestyle content with you. That could be anything like inspirational posts, my favorite podcasts or playlists, best places for brunch in Philly, etc. While I will always share my outfits with y’all, I want the blog to evolve into more than just fashion. I mean how much can I really talk about a basic white tee and jeans?

More travel!!! I’m so excited that I will be travelling more this year for the blog. Thus helping bring and create more lifestyle type content for you. I know that my travel posts always do well so I’m happy to bring more to the blog. Any destinations that you would like to see? The sky is the limit (no pun intended).

I want to hear from you! While I love writing and connecting with all of you, sometimes there can be a slight disconnect. Enter more video. I would love to hear if y’all want to see more videos from me. I took a poll on Instagram to see what type of content y’all would like to see. Many of you want more video from the instagram poll. Some people even said that they aren’t one to read so coming to the blog isn’t always the most “convenient.” While I will never stop writing, I am interested to hear if more video is something you would like. Please sound off in the comment section below. <3 Throw Back Thursday

Before I go, guess what tomorrow is….MY BACHELORETTE PARTY!!! Just another event to make the wedding feel even more real! I can’t wait to catch up with my girlfriends and have the best weekend ever. Any guesses on where we are headed?

Thanks for reading!