Tie Dye Loungewear

Tie Dye Loungewear
Sweatshirt (sold out) // Sweatpants // Earrings

Why hello there friends and happy hump day! Just wanted to share some of my favorite tie dye loungewear that I’ve been wearing on repeat. We all know that tie dye is having a major moment right now. So, I asked and you answered. Y’all wanna see more loungewear since many of us are still working from home. All I gotta say is I hope y’all aren’t tired of seeing this shirt or these sweatpants yet haha!

Shirt // Shorts // Slippers
Shirt // Shorts // Boots // Sunglasses

I just picked up these pink biker shorts and I’m obsessed! They are a little longer than I thought they’d be but nonetheless perfect. I shared over on Instagram that I’ve been really into biker shorts as an alternative to leggings. There are so many fun ways to dress them up or down plus they are very comfortable.

Work From Home Outfit Ideas
Shirt // Sweatpants // Slippers
Work From Home Outfit Ideas
Shirt // Shorts // Shoes
Spring 2020 Red Dress Boutique Look Book
Shirt // Jeans // Earrings // Watch

This last look I shared previously in my Red Dress Look Book post. This would be more of a casual work from home look. It’s not complete loungewear, it gives you a put together look while being comfy. I’m thinking of doing some DIY tie dye. Definitely seems like a fun project to work on. What do you think of the tie dye trend?

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