Updated 2019 Natural Hair Products

Updated 2019 Natural Hair Products

Almost 3 months ago I wrote a post about my holy grail natural hair products. A lot has changed since then. I got a hair cut (sharing later) and learned soooooo much from a look and learn class about my hair. One of my key takeaways was that I had been using the wrong products for my hair texture. Not the worse thing in the world but now my hair is healthier. By using the proper products, I can now allow my products to work to their truest potential and focus on growth. It’s time to share my updated 2019 natural hair products.

Naturall Avocado Line – If you can see in the collage above, these products have been nothing but amazing! I have a blog post coming next week reviewing it with my thoughts and everything. Included in the line is avocado oil, avocado leave-in conditioner, avocado curl custard, avocado conditioner, avocado cleansing shampoo and the avocado deep conditioner.

You don’t have to buy this entire line but for the price, why not! Avocado is such a great vegetable that has great fat. This is my first time using avocado oil and I love it. My other favorite in the line is the avocado deep conditioner. It’s so fresh and natural that you have to refrigerate or freeze it.

Innersense Hydrating Cream Hairbath – This is another shampoo and it was used on me when I got my haircut. Since I have been testing out the Naturall Avocado line, I have yet to buy this for myself. I will tell you that it’s organic so it’s a little pricey. I love the way it made my hair feel.

Innersense Hydrating Cream Conditioner – Whenever you hear about people and natural hair, they always say make sure your conditioner has good “slip”. I literally never knew what they were talking about until this was used on my hair! Besides the fact that my hair got properly cleansed, after using this conditioner my hair just slid through my fingers. This is great because it makes the detangling process that much easier. I didn’t even need a comb!

The Doux Swag Goo – I’m not big on laying down my edges but this is one to try if you are in the market for edge control. So far I am loving The Doux products so I would like to continue using a few from the same product line.

Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 – This is another product that I have yet to try. It was suggested to me after my haircut. Its purpose is to strengthen and repair your hair from within, reducing breakage.

The Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam – I already raved about this stuff in this post last week. Usually after doing my wash routine I would apply my leave-in conditioner and

Any time that I update my hair routine or products I will be sure to let y’all know. I get a ton of questions from you guys on social about my hair so just keep the questions coming. Promise to get to all of them.

Thanks for reading!