UPPABaby Vista V2 Stroller Review

UPPABaby Vista V2 Stroller Review

UPPABaby Vista V2 Stroller Review. Finally giving y’all the tea on this stroller after having it for over a year. In full disclosure I want to say that the brand ever so graciously gifted me this stroller and the accessories that come with it (minus the cup holder, I bought it). Let’s get to it!

If you are in the market for a stroller I will recommend and rave about this stroller over and over again. It truly is the best on the market in my opinion and for a number of reasons. Literally the only thing most people complain about this stroller is the price. BUT if you are looking to grow your family and not having to buy strollers…or you just simply want the best, this one is for you. This stroller is currently part of the Nordstrom Sale so if you want an extra $200 off I’d snag it now.

The Travel System

When it comes to the UPPABaby Vista V2 you can do one of three things; buy just the stroller, buy the stroller with the bassinet or buy the entire travel system (with the car seat). The car seat, which I also recommend, is the UPPABaby Mesa and it attaches right into the frame of the Vista V2. It makes for such an easy transition from the car to wherever you are going, especially if baby is already asleep in the car seat. Cora basically lived in the car seat attachment because the bassinet attachment was more ideal for walks around the neighborhood. It also can be used for sleep inside the home.

The toddler seat is for when baby can support their own head or recommended for ages 3 months and up. I didn’t use that for Cora until she was 5 months. Since she is petite, I got her the Infant SnugSeat to give her more support while in the toddler seat. It was an extra accessory that I was so happy UPPABaby has.

Grows With Your Family

The main reason I went with the UPPABaby Vista V2 was because I knew we wanted more kids. The Vista V2 gives you the option to turn it into a double stroller. It actually holds up to 3 kids if you buy the piggyback accessory. Another option for those that may not want more than one child but love the UPPABaby brand is to instead get the UPPABaby Cruz. It’s cheaper in price (not quality) and lighter than the Vista.

Since we are prepping for baby boy, I got Sheldon to put the stroller into double mode. Disclaimer: if you have the Vista V2, you will have to buy a separate rumble seat and adapters. Just something to think about because most people don’t realize this. Sheldon assembled the stroller into double mode in like a minute. It’s very easy to do and until baby boy gets here, I can easily put it back as a single stroller.

Side bar: for a travel double stroller, I got the UPPABaby G-Link 2. It’s so much lighter than the Vista and is a side-by-side seater stroller. Once I take that for a spin with the kids I can come back on here and do a review for y’all if you want. So far I love what I see.

User Friendly and Easy To Maneuver

All of my UPPABaby products are so user friendly. For most of the products there are red and green indicators that let you know if something has been properly installed or not.

Oh and when I say that this stroller is smooth as butter I mean it. Like I genuinely enjoy pushing the stroller because it gives me that ASMR feeling….if you know you know. I think it’s the larger wheels, especially the back ones, that absorb shock so well. Trust me, I’ve tested this stroller on all types of terrains. It’s easy to maneuver with one hand because of how smooth it is. That’s so important for me especially when opening doors to places that don’t have automatic doors. People always ask if I need help and then are amazed at how easily the stroller moves when I have one free hand. You truly get what you pay for.

UPPABaby Vista V2 Stroller Review

Other Features I Love

  • Large Basket. I can say that I’m definitely spoiled with this stroller because I didn’t realize how large the basket on it is. I have other branded strollers with baskets on them but none compare to how large this one is.
  • One Step Stroller Brake. You ever want to stop a stroller from rolling and it’s confusing or the hardest thing ever? Again I didn’t realize how difficult other strollers can be because this one you barely have to tap and the indicator will go from green to red.
  • Folds and Stores Easily. There are basically two “triggers” on the stroller which allow you to collapse it to fold and then a latch to essentially lock it in the folded position. The stroller can stand on its own when it’s closed. I was also interested in how easy it was to fold when in double mode. Nothing actually changes….just the additional rumble seat is on the frame.
  • Handlebar adjusts to any height. You can raise or lower the handlebar to your liking. Many strollers don’t have this option.
  • Many Seat Configurations. In single mode the car seat and toddler seat can face toward you or away from you. More than likely you would have the bassinet face you so you can see your baby lol. In double mode you can do the same. Have both seats face forward or backward to one another. Put the car seat attachment with the rumble seat or two car seats, two bassinets or bassinet and rumble seat. I’ll share an image so that you can see all of the different combinations. The toddler seat/rumble seat also recline easily with the touch of a button. Great for if your kids falls asleep on the go, they can be comfy. These kids are spoiled these days!
  • So many accessories to accommodate everyday life. I’m just going to leave a link for all of the accessories that you can get for this stroller. My favorite right now is the cup holder. It’s so clutch for holding my drink or Cora’s cup. I’m also thinking of purchasing the snack bar. I spoke of the piggyback accessory earlier and the infant snug seat for the toddler seat.
  • Travel Protection. The bag in my photo of me pulling out the bassinet comes with your purchase! You can register the bag online and the UPPABaby TravelSafe program will cover any damage incurred to your stroller during air travel.
  • Many different fabric colors to choose from. The brand has come a lone way in the color department. They keep adding more and more colors to the family. Our stroller is in the color “Stella” which is like a light gray. I’ve see black, white, navy, pink, green, teal, charcoal, so many more but my favorite is red and I’m quite jealous I didn’t have that option when I got this one lol.
  • Accommodates other brands of car seats. Just because you have an UPPABaby stroller doesn’t mean you have to have an UPPABaby car seat to attach into the frame. UPPABaby makes adapters for the Vista V2 to accommodate other car seat brands like Nuna, Maxi Cosi and other car seat brands that attach to the frame.


I personally don’t have many issues with the stroller. It’s my favorite lol. One thing that I will point out but I’m not necessarily including on my con list is that people say the stroller is heavy. Personally, I think all strollers are heavy to some extent, especially if you have multiple kids and when this stroller is in double mode. The weight of the stroller doesn’t bother me which is why I don’t think it’s an issue. Yes there are other strollers out there that are lighter but again, I have no issues.

  • Rumble seat sold separately and not as big as “toddler seat”. As I mentioned before, buying the stroller system is kind of half the battle. Most people are justified in their thinking of “If I payed so much for all of this, why do I still have to pay more for the rumble seat?”
  • Rumble seat is not as big as the “toddler seat”. I’m using quotes because I’m not sure if “toddler seat” is the correct term but it’s the seat that comes with the Vista V2. This seat holds toddlers up to 50 lbs and the rumble seat holds kids up to 35 lbs. I just wish they were equal but also understand from the design standpoint how they can’t be.

Alright I feel like I’m starting to ramble and there is also so much more that I could talk about. I think I got the most important features out of the way. Remember, unlike many other baby products you will have, strollers are an investment. If you plan on having multiple kids or spacing out the years that you have kids, having a great stroller will be one less thing to worry about with the Vista V2. And if we are talking about cost per wear/use, you get so much more out of it than the price….just saying.

*This product was gifted to me by UPPABaby. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*