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Visit Philly

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Dress: Ross // Shoes: Charlotte Russe // Purse: Express (similar here) // Michael Kors watch // Chloe + Isabel hoops

Happy Monday!!!  Did y’all know how awesome Philly is!?  This beautiful city does not get enough credit sometimes but I’m here to shed some light on why you should visit Philly.

Obvious reason to visit Philly is because even the Pope is coming here.  Like how cool is that!?  We also have some of the best food that you will ever eat.  It’s so diverse.  On one block you can find Italian, Korean, Indian, or Vietnamese food…and that’s just one street!  You made it to at lease 4 countries on one block!  And did I mention cheesesteaks!?  Like hello, almost every state in America makes a “Philly Cheesesteak” but there’s nothing like actually experiencing one when you are here.  Enough of the food talk.

Philly is also is very historic.  The Declaration of Independence was signed here, Ben Franklin lived and is buried here, the Liberty Bell is here and I’m here lol.

So not to sound like some weird foodie (even though I am) and not to give you a history lesson (cause I’m still learning) but if you are ever on the East Coast and close by, do yourself a favor and visit Philly.

Thanks for reading!