Wardrobe Must-Haves

Ever look into your closet saying you have “nothing to wear?”  You actually may have too much to be able to properly process and put an outfit together. (Yes….I can’t believe I said “too many” clothes). This may come from lack of organization or not giving yourself enough time to figure out an outfit (post coming soon). Well, I always say there’s no point in having a room full of clothes if you will only wear the items one time.

We all need to have “go-to” pieces – these are must-have pieces that are versatile. They usually are basic items, such as a plain black dress, that can be worn in different ways with different pieces.  I’ve come up with some closet must-haves that I personally could not live without. There are also links for each item if you would like to find out where to buy them.

Vida Fashionista

Stripe Shirts//Denim Shirt//Denim Jacket//Leather Jacket//Fur Vest//Black Hat//Tan Hat//White Shirts//Black Shirts//Black Blazer//White Blazer//Black Scarf//Tan Scarf//Leopard Scarf//White Purse//Black Purse//Leopard Purse//Stripe Dress//Black Dress//Denim Dress//Leather Skirt//Black Booties//Tan Trench//Black Knee Boots//Tan/Camel Knee Boots//Black Stockings//Black Knee  Socks//Black Tights//Denim Skinny Jeans//Black Skinny Jeans//White Skinny Jeans//Black Pumps//Leopard Pumps//Tan Pumps//White Pumps//Black Flats//Leopard Flats//Tan Flats