Ways To Make Swimwear Stylish

Ways To Make Swimwear Stylish

It’s about time I get this post up. Ways to make swimwear stylish. This time of year people start to push Fall fashion but let’s let Summer have its moment. Whether you are lounging around a pool at home or heading to the beach, here are some fun ways to make swimwear more stylish.

Add Denim Shorts

Swimsuit // Shorts

I love denim shorts with swimsuits because if you are in a beach town, they can transition well to wear just as an outfit. If you wear a one piece with the shorts, no one can really tell it’s not a bodysuit or top. If denim shorts aren’t your thing trying styling your swimsuit with linen shorts. They usually are a looser fit and more forgiving.

Button Down Shirt

Ways To Make Swimwear Stylish

A button down can instantly make your swimsuit stylish. Make sure you choose a shirt that is lighter weight like linen over cotton if you want to stay a little cooler. Also you can choose the shirt color of your choice. Of course white will be the coolest option temperature wise but depending on the color of your swimsuit and color is up to you.

Palazzo Pants

Swimsuit // Sandals

Palazzo pants can be a fun addition to your swimsuit. You can pair them with a one piece or two piece, whatever your comfort level. A nice high waisted pair can help those that are a little more self conscious in a two piece feel fabulous. I also love the idea of crotchet pants.

Wear A Sarong

Ways To Make Swimwear Stylish
Swimsuit // Sarong // Sandals

Sarongs are like A-line dresses…universally flattering on everyone. These are the easiest way to make your swimwear stylish. The best part, you don’t need anything fancy. Sometimes a large scarf or wrap will do.

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