What’s In My Hospital Bag

What's In My Hospital Bag2

Today I’m finally getting around to sharing what’s in my hospital bag. I started writing this post while I was still pregnant but things took a turn when I got admitted to the hospital at almost 35 weeks and had to stay for a week.

Let me also say that I had a nagging feeling to keep an emergency bag in my car since I knew there was a possibility of going to a regular appointment and being told I couldn’t leave. Glad I trusted my instincts. My weekender bag was packed and in my car. Sheldon had to pack my rolling suitcase for me and bring it to the hospital. Luckily I had a list and everything was easy for him to find. By the way, I will also let you know which items I actually used.

What's In My Hospital Bag

Weekender Bag and Rolling Suitcase – these were my main two bags. Even with my extra time I had to stay in the hospital from getting admitted a week prior to giving birth.

Cosmetic Bag – for all of my toiletries and makeup (which I only wore on discharge day).

Water Bottle – I actually didn’t even end up packing this. It was kind of the last thing I was thinking about bringing. I had round the clock care and all the water and apple juice I could drink. Other ladies you may have a different experience so I would suggest you just bring one.

Vava Night Light – HIGHLY RECOMMEND! This light was so clutch when it came to overnight pumping sessions and navigating in our hospital room when it was dark. No need to wake the hubs with the bright lights from the room.

Frida Mom Postpartum Kit – HIGHLY RECOMMEND! So this kit comes with so much stuff in it but more specifically I would focus on and bring what comes in the toiletry bag portion. In there you can find the peri bottle which is so much better than the one the hospital provides. There’s also perineal wipes aka witch hazel wipes, perineal foam, and disposable underwear. The hospital will provide disposable underwear so they aren’t entirely necessary.

Boppy Nursing Pillow – I didn’t end up using this only because Cora was in the NICU. All of her feedings were done in the NICU and I didn’t want to be a weirdo carrying the pillow down every time I went lol. I recommend bringing it only because the hospital pillows are FLAT!

Portable Fan – HIGHLY RECOMMEND! The hormones are real and so were the hot flashes lol. This fan was amazing plus it has a night light on it too. I love that the legs on it allow it to clip to pretty much anything.

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump – I didn’t end up using this mainly because of my extended stay in the hospital.

Nursing Bras – aside from my extended stay, since I had a c-section I had plenty of late night pumping sessions. At first I thought I only brought these but realized I had this one which lets you pump hands free.

Extra Long Extension Cord – HIGHLY RECOMMEND! There’s no telling where the outlets will be in your room. Most of the times they are pretty far from your bed.

High Waisted Cotton Underwear – I mainly wore these before I gave birth. They aren’t a necessity since you will be wearing the disposable underwear provided by the hospital whether you deliver vaginally or c-section.

Robe – HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Again, I had an extended stay in the hospital. It was so nice to have my own plush robe with me during my stay. Hospitals are cold so it was nice to have my robe with me.

Baby Shusher – Did not use. I packed this bag prior to knowing Cora was coming early. I think she is still too little to understand it lol

Wonderboom aka Portable Bluetooth Speaker – I always love having this speaker with me any time I go somewhere and this was no different. Sheldon and I also watch YouTube videos on our phones and use this speaker to play the sound so we both hear better.

Pajama Set – I loved being able to change into my own pajamas after being in the hospital gown for days.

Pajama GownDid not wear. I definitely would have worn this if it weren’t so cold in the hospital.

Shower Shoes – HIGHLY RECOMMEND! No matter what type you choose, bring a pair of rubber sandals to use for showers. Sheldon forgot his and had to use mine…hilarious!

Slippers – I wore my slippers every single day. Originally I planned on just wearing socks with rubber grips but I loved the slippers. Just an FYI, the Frida Mom kit I talked about earlier has a pair of socks with grips on them.

Empty Bag – pack an extra bag of your choice to take home anything the hospital gives you. Trust me, they load you up so take advantage of this.

Pillow – HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Forgot to include this in the collage but bring your own pillow(s). The hospital pillows are sooooo flat and you want to make yourself as comfortable as possible.

For Baby

The great thing about packing for baby is that you don’t need much for them. Even though Cora was in the NICU, she would have just been in a white onesie and her take home outfit if she were with us. My situation is different on what I used verses what I didn’t use when it comes to her because she stayed in the hospital.

Diaper Bag – HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Bring any diaper bag of your choice. I put all of her stuff in this bag.

Birth Announcement Outfit – I didn’t get to use this in the hospital but I took her photos in it when she got home.

White Onesies – since it was still technically winter and a chilly day when we brought her home, she wore a white onesie under her sleeper to come home.

Pacifier – did not use and fun fact, Cora hates pacifiers lol.

Take Home Outfit – After a week stay in the NICU (4 of those days we were in the hospital with her), Cora wore this sleeper when she came home.

Baby Blanket – I adore this Minnie Mouse baby blanket for Cora. Minnie is my favorite and I’m hoping will be hers too. We used this to go over her car seat and keep the air off of her.

Diapers – did not use. I figured I wouldn’t need these but it didn’t hurt to pack one or two just for peace of mind.

All my expecting mamas out there, I hope this post helps you pack your bag. I feel that everything I brought is practical and makes sense. Some people felt like I was packing too much stuff but as a first time mom to be, if you feel more comfortable overpacking then do you boo. Sound off with your expertise if I missed something.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Kaitlyn
    March 24, 2021 / 11:37 am

    This was so helpful! I didn’t even think of taking an extra bag for all the hospital goodies they send you home with. Gotta go grab the mini fan ASAP! Thank you for sharing!

    • Davida Janae
      March 24, 2021 / 11:56 am

      Yay glad I could help. And yes that fan was a life saver lol

  2. Scarlett Allen
    March 24, 2021 / 12:06 pm

    Perfect! You covered all the basics. Good job..Congratulations!!

    • Davida Janae
      March 24, 2021 / 12:18 pm

      Thank you!

  3. March 25, 2021 / 11:19 am

    Hi there! This is the Baby Shusher team. ? We’d love to know what little Cora thinks now that she’s settled in at home. ?

    • Davida Janae
      March 28, 2021 / 5:06 pm

      We love it! Thank you for checking in