What’s On Our Baby Registry

What's On Our Baby Registry

I was shocked to see that this is a highly anticipated post but today I’m sharing what’s on our baby registry. Our baby shower was on Saturday so lots of these items have been checked off our list. Since everything didn’t fit in a photo I will share some other wants/things we already have. Also keep in mind that this isn’t everything on our list but I think a great starting point for those of you that might need help making your own baby registry.

Electric Nail File – This may sound crazy but I am terrified to cut baby girl’s nails. When I saw some blogger friends recommend this electric nail file I knew this was something I could get behind. No need to feel like I’m going to actually cut her and now I’m not as nervous anymore.

Boppy Nursing Pillow – This was a must have for so many mamas. Baby girl also has the Boppy loungers which is great for newborns but this nursing pillow I hear is great for the hospital. It also helps to give your arms some rest from holding the baby too. I’ll be bringing it to the hospital with me.

Hatch Sound Machine – This thing does it all. It’s a night light, a sound machine, and encourages better sleep. You can choose your sound and presets all using your phone.

Dock-A-Tot – Everyone that has a Dock-A-Tot loves them. If you don’t know, they are a baby lounger that is great for tummy time, co-sleeping/bed sharing, lounging in general, etc. The design of them is snug so baby feels cozy and soothed.

Crib Mattress – Everyone will have their opinions but you just have to do what’s best for your family. This mattress is on the pricier side but 100% worth every penny. It’s 100% breathable proven to reduce suffocation, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and I’ve heard nothing but great things from people I know and trust. There are a variety of mattresses out there but this is what we went with.

Velvet Non Slip Hangers w/ Baby Clothing Dividers – Aside from these hangers baby girl also has these. The reason I love these is that they come with clothing dividers by age. This just makes it easy to find her clothes and not get things mixed up.

High Chair – Not sure when we will start using this but it’s definitely great to have now.

4Moms Pack-N-Play – Another recommended product but this pack-n-play is great because it’s one push open and close. It will be great for travel (whenever we do that again) and comes with a travel bag, changer and removable bassinet. This pack-n-play will live on our main floor and serve as one of our changing stations along with a diaper pail.

Baby Bath – Since babies shouldn’t be submerged in water until after their belly button falls off this little bath will do for now.

Ryan & Rose Pacifiers – Thanks to Instagram I am now familiar with Ryan & Rose and their pacifiers. They have a variety of nipples for babies of all stages.

White Noise Sound Machine/Baby Shusher – I linked both versions of the best white noise machines that I’ve heard of. The baby shusher is actually the one that I ended up getting. It’s just a sound machine that helps the baby calm down/sleep and literally says “sshhhhh”. Honestly I hate white noise and think these are annoying haha but I’m sure this will become my best friend.

Diapers – Need I say more? I registered for all the diapers lol. I mainly asked for newborn, size 1 & 2. Depending on baby girl’s size at birth, I might even grab a preemie pack, but I’ll wait until she is born for that. Sheldon currently thinks we have “too many” but I feel like he will be in for a rude awakening. Is too many diapers even a thing?

Wipes – Not much to say about wipes. I registered for wipes just as much as diapers…maybe a little less. Most of them I think I chose the Pampers sensitive or water wipes.

Changing Table – Even though I registered for a dresser, I’m so glad I didn’t get one lol. I don’t want the nursery space to look/feel too cluttered so this changing table will be perfect for her room.

Changing Pad – I love this changing pad because it’s also a scale. Since I plan on breastfeeding I’ve heard that it’s hard to track how much baby is eating aka how much weight they gain. This changing pad will help put my mind at ease because I can weigh her before and after feedings to know how much she ate. The scale records baby’s weight and sends the results to your phone, how clutch.

Diaper Pails – At the advice from friends I registered for two of these and got them both (in different prints). I figure we will set up 2 changing stations, one upstairs and one on the main floor. These also had amazing reviews for locking in the smell so I’m all for that.

Some Other Items We Have

Bassinet – Our lovely friends got us this bassinet which I’ve never seen before. Sheldon put it together yesterday. It’s super adjustable to your bed height and then adjusts for the height as baby grows. I also have this one coming too and will report back on how I like them.

Vava Night Light – So many people have recommended this night light. Especially for the hospital for feedings in the middle of the night. It’s touch control and portable so this will be coming to the hospital with me too.

Portable Clip On Fan – I love a practical recommendation and this one was also on the top of the list. Many people take it to the hospital for delivery because you can get hot and it has bendy tripod legs that can clip onto your bed. You can also use this in the Summer on baby’s stroller to keep them cool.

Dreft Baby Laundry Detergent – It was important to me to find a detergent and this one was top of the list. Plus my mom recommends it so it must be good.

Again there is so much more stuff that we registered for/have. If you want more or have questions on what else we got just leave a comment or let me know. So I think really all I need left is a recliner/glider for the nursery to feed baby girl and I’m all set. Oh and a cute rug. You can find more baby posts here and don’t forget about the ‘baby shop’.

What's On Our Baby Registry

If there I anything that I missed or something that you know is a MUST HAVE please let me know in the comments. Trust, I need all the help I can get.

Thanks for reading!