As you can tell by the name of the post, we are going to talk about the 5 jackets you need in your closet.  At the bottom of the post is my YouTube video talking about them too.  Be sure to subscribe!  When it comes to your closet, life it doesn’t have to be as hard as some people make it.  It is actually possible to have a wardrobe that you are proud of with just a few key pieces.  The jackets I am sharing with you today with play an integral part in your closet.  I guarantee if you have these jackets they will be worn on repeat.

Denim Jacket

5 Jackets You Need

A denim jacket is a key closet staple to have.  If you don’t have any of the other jackets in this post, this one is a must have.  I love them because they can always be worn to make an outfit feel casual.  They are super versatile and can be worn with dresses, skirts, jeans, trousers and more.  The key to the right denim jacket lies in the color of the wash.  Whether you like a darker wash or lighter wash, you can never go wrong with them.

Leather Jacket

5 Jackets You Need

The two leather jackets shown in the video are both moto style.  Personally I like this better for a petite frame since regular leather jackets can overwhelm your figure.  Get yourself a leather jacket with some fun embellishments and detail like this one to really look stylish.  Leather jackets also add a nice edge to any look.

Trench Coat

5 Jackets You Need

The trench coat is one that you grow to love the older you get.  I love them because they have ways of dressing up your look.  They bring a classic element to whatever you are wearing.  If you are looking for one that you will wear time and time again, stick to a neutral tan or black and maybe even red.

Cargo/Utility Jacket

5 Jackets You Need

You may not have even thought twice about a cargo jacket before.  Let me tell you, they go with EVERYTHING!  Cargo jackets are definitely for more casual looks but are a nice change from your standard denim or leather jacket.  My favorite times to wear them are in the Fall and Spring.

Black Blazer

5 Jackets You Need

Whether it’s a boyfriend fit or fitted a black blazer is absolutely essential.  First off they are my go-to item when it comes to job interviews.  For a dressier feel, I would lean towards the fitted black blazer.  For an everyday “I want to look casual but put together” look a boyfriend blazer is perfect.  Lately it’s been one of my favorite things to pair with a pair of jeans and a top.

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