Bachelorette Party Recap

Bachelorette Party Recap

Ahh we are so close to the big day, 11 more days to be exact! Today I’m doing a bachelorette party recap for you. We went to Ocean City Maryland this past weekend. We stayed at the Residence Inn which My maid of honor found. The best part about the hotel was that it’s new.

Bachelorette Party RecapBachelorette Party Recap

As soon as we got in, my maid and matron of honor set up some decorations in the room and we waited for everyone else to arrive. We were hungry so we went down to the hotel bar for some food and drinks. By the time we finished eating people started to arrived and check in. We went back up to ours rooms to change to go out.

Bachelorette Party RecapBachelorette Party RecapBachelorette Party RecapBachelorette Party Recap

For our first night out we went to Fager’s Island. For some reason it looked like it was further away from the hotel than it actually was. We ended up just walking over since it was about 1 block away. We had so much fun and I got to dance on a table. The security guard was not happy but what’s a bachelorette party without almost getting kicked out of a bar lol. Also shoutout to the random guy that photobombed our picture. It was around this time that apparently one of the hotel employees told my friend he found a hotel worker harassed, it dampened everyone’s mood a little.

Bachelorette Party RecapBachelorette Party Recap

Bachelorette Party RecapBachelorette Party Recap

For the second day my mom made it down! She came with my cousin who is also one of my bridesmaids. Anyway, we planned on going to the beach. Clearly not before we took some pictures in our suits. While all of this was going on it started to rain….hard. Thank God we had an indoor pool so we moved the party to there. The theme was black bathing suits for everyone and I wore white. We were there for a while but then we were told we had to leave the pool because of thunderstorms and flash flood warnings. A bummer but we were still going to have fun. We went back to our rooms, came up with a game plan for the night and most of us took naps lol.

Bachelorette Party RecapBachelorette Party RecapBachelorette Party Recap

I stayed up to play beer pong with my matron of honor and then it was time for dinner. Our theme for the night was red…ladies (and gent) in red. We went to my favorite “Bonfire” which is an all you can eat seafood buffet. After dinner we changed shoes back at the hotel, popped some champagne and then made our way to Seacrets.

The next day I got the group together one last time for breakfast at The Big Easy. I couldn’t be more thankful to everyone that came out to celebrate me. In less than 2 weeks I’ll be a married woman, literally like almost next week and I am super emotional lol.

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