Budget Babe: The best $18 jeans w/ Primark

Budget Babe

Budget Babe

Yes I’m a budget babe and I’m proud of it.  I take pride in myself by “ballin’ on a budget”  Why, because there are a million other things to spend your money on besides clothes been eyeing up another bag of course.  For myself, my sole purpose as being a “fashion blogger” is to show ways to wear outfits.  Of course, while keeping the average person’s budget in mind.  I would love to be a “luxury” fashion blogger but that just isn’t me.  The thrill of the hunt for a bargain is the best feeling.  Let’s talk about one of my favorite budget conscious stores, Primark.

Budget BabeBudget Babe

I forget when I was introduced to Primark but I love it!  I can always count on them to have a solid selection of clothing, house goods, shoes, etc.  The best part is that it’s a challenge to spend over $100 in there.   You actually have to try.  Take this outfit I am wearing.  The top is a bodysuit $7, jeans $18 and shoes $18.  Minus my purse which is not from Primark, this outfit is a cool $43!  You can manage that right?

Budget BabeBudget BabeBudget Babe

People amaze me when they say “I never find deals like that.”  Clearly you aren’t trying or aren’t shopping at the right places.  One of my tips, I NEVER shop the “new arrivals” section.  At Primark however, I do and so can you.  If you refer to this post, the most expensive item in the store is $58!  What a great feeling to be able to shop new arrivals and not have to worry.  Another tip, I always run to the sales racks.  Once again, you don’t have to do that at Primark.

Budget BabeBudget BabeBudget Babe

Can we take a minute to appreciate these jeans?  I mean it’s a true struggle to find jeans that fit well, let alone ones that are reasonably priced.  Haha, I had a “sisterhood of the traveling pants” moment trying these jeans on.  Long story short, holding them up I didn’t think they would fit.  Well the fit of them is amazing.  They actually fit my butt and back!

Budget BabeBudget Babe

If you’ve never been to a Primark store I really urge you to go.  Luckily for us, we have two locations fairly close to Philly.  One in King of Prussia and one in Willow Grove.  Also don’t be alarmed by there online website.  This is one of those stores that you have to go to.  Where are some of your favorite budget friendly stores to shop?

Thanks for reading!

*Today’s post is in collaboration with Primark.  All opinions are my own.*


    • Davida Janae
      August 3, 2017 / 10:12 pm

      Thank you Erin!!!! Definitely my favorite color denim too!

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