• #NSale Lush Bell Sleeve Dress

    #NSale Lush Bell Sleeve Dress

    Lush Bell Sleeve Dress Lush Bell Sleeve Dress

    With 3 days left of the #NSale, I’m happy this Lush bell sleeve dress is still in stock.  There are few items that make it through the whole sale without selling out.  This bell sleeve shift dress is perfect.  It’s only $31.90 and is still available in 6 colors.  This color and the black are fully stocked in every size!

    Lush Bell Sleeve DressLush Bell Sleeve Dress

    When Fall time comes, it’s all about light layers while realizing that the weather will still be warm.  A lightweight dress is a staple for transitioning to the Fall weather.  The one thing about this dress that I like is that it’s long sleeves.  The bell sleeve also add a little character to the dress so it’s not so #basic.

    Lush Bell Sleeve Dress Vida Fashionista

    One last thing about this dress or any shift dress is versatility.  Try adding a vest or belt to the dress for some dimension.  If this dress fits you a little shorter, wear jeans or leggings/jeggings underneath.

    Vida Fashionista Vida Fashionista

    Lush ‘Whitney’ Bell Sleeve Dress // booties // similar purse // sunglasses /// Michael Kors watch // lips ‘Diva’ and NYX ‘Vintage’

    Ohh, I have some fun news!  Last night was the unveiling of the 2016-17 Sixers Dance Team.  I’m happy and proud to announce that I am returning for another season!!!  I would like to thank everyone that reached out to me, it really means so much.  Have a great weekend!

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