Muscle T-Shirts

Muscle T-Shirts
Muscle T-Shirts
Shorts // Shoes (40% off w/ code TIKTOK40) // Chain necklace

Okay, okay I know you’ve seen them everywhere but what are you honest thoughts on muscle t-shirts? I’ll be the first to admit that they are not for everyone. I couldn’t put my finger on why the shoulders looked so exaggerated on some people and then I realized that there are muscle t-shirts with shoulder pads in them!

Muscle T-Shirts
Shorts // Sneakers // Chain necklace
similar t-shirt // Jeans // Sneakers // Bag (40% off w/ code TIKTOK40) // Chain necklace

Seeing as I’m a little more on the broader shoulder side I knew that type of t-shirt wouldn’t be for me. I just picked up this muscle tee from Zara in black and white and I really like that it doesn’t have shoulder pads. This is a more traditional muscle t-shirt. It’s also crazy because if you are looking for the ones with shoulder pads they are sold out almost everywhere.

I really like that this shirt gives me a relaxed look while being an updated version of the traditional t-shirt. It’s a great basic to have no matter what color you get it in. Lately I’ve been all about building up my basics. So what do you think? Have you hopped on board for this trend or are you going to let it be?

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