2020 Fathers Day Gift Guide

2020 Fathers Day Gift Guide

Anyone else feel like this year is flying by!? I can’t believe that Father’s Day is on Sunday so naturally I had to put together my 2020 Fathers Day Gift Guide. To be honest with you, I’m quite proud of this gift guide. I think these are not your “typical” gifts like this cool BBQ caddy which is perfect for the grillmaster dad.

2020 Fathers Day Gift Guide

BBQ Caddy // I thought this was such a unique gift. I don’t know about your dad but my dad loves to cook out on his grill. This would keep all of the condiments and such together in one place.

Manscaped Grooming Kit // Self explanatory. The trimmer is waterproof though.

Grill // I mean nothing makes a guy feel more manly than a good grill.

Deep Freeze Cooler // This holds up to 24 cans and is great for keeping drinks and such cold.

Multi Purpose Trimmer // This speaks for itself.

Polo T-Shirt // Personally my dad loves Polo brand t-shirts. If I were getting this for my husband he likes a plain non branded t-shirt.

Wonderboom Wireless Waterproof Speaker // I have this speaker and it’s amazing. It’s a bluetooth speaker and it’s waterproof. You can literally play it while you are in the pool in the water!

Tent // We don’t have kids yet but I totally thought of my husband with this gift. He goes on an annual camping trip so if your guy is outdoorsy then this would make for a perfect gift.

Bean Bag Toss // I mean who doesn’t love a traditional bean bag toss game. Turn this into a game of cornhole for some family fun.

Wallet // Why do men always need new wallets? Lol this one is great and inexpensive.

102PC Tool Kit // My dad is the ultimate handy man. He would probably be insulted by this kit since he has all the tools in the world but this is a great “starter kit” if your guy doesn’t have any.

Shower Beer Holder // HA! I think I actually want this for myself but how fun is this!?

BBQ Tool Set // Essential tools for grilling.

Grill Apron // Don’t tell him I told you but my dad is kinda messy when cooking lol. This apron would be great so he can doesn’t mess up his clothes.

Cargo Shorts // Perfect for the summer.

Thanks for reading!