Slight Fall Transitions

Slight Fall Transitions

First off I’m so happy to be back with a new post!  Talking about slight Fall transitions today.  Actually I should say slight Fall outfit transitions.  I gotta hand it to those bloggers that are styling full on Fall looks right now cuz I…CAN’T…DO…IT!  Y’all it’s still hot lol and according to the date, it’s still Summer!!!  Today’s outfit is about as Fall as I am getting right now.

Slight Fall Transitions Slight Fall Transitions Slight Fall Transitions

Right now all I can muster up is a change of shoe.  Honestly that’s all you need to make an outfit look Fall appropriate.  Just add booties or boots.  Let’s face it, we are in that awkward in between season/weather.  We don’t want to go full on sweaters and boots but bathing suits and linen sets can definitely be put away.

Slight Fall Transitions Slight Fall Transitions

If you are wondering why I have been gone, I did a little poll on Instagram.  I asked if people looked at my blog more or my Instagram.  The response was pretty overwhelming for me.  Literally 0 people that took that poll look at my blog.  I got very frustrated and kind of hurt.  Then I realized that I can’t take this personally because people are still looking at my content.

Slight Fall Transitions

The last couple of weeks I have been making some changes and I am going to be putting up less blog posts that usual…probably at least 2 a week.  I’ll be focusing on only amazing content for the blog, more YouTube and IGTV videos and better Instagram content so stay tuned.  If you don’t follow me on Instagram, please do so by clicking here and then hit “follow”.  I have some great things coming, especially with my official photographer, Joe Mac!!!  To my loyal blog readers, I won’t let you down and I thank you for coming on here when I post to read <3.

Thanks for reading!