Two Years Natural

Two Years Natural

Wow!  What a journey it has been celebrating being two years natural!!!  If you really want to see my natural hair journey then check out this post.  Without making this post too long I will briefly explain if you are new here.

After years of heat damage and breakage I had enough.  I wanted so badly for my hair to be back to its healthiest state yet I wasn’t doing anything differently in my everyday life.  While I haven’t had a relaxer in my hair for over 10 years, over styling and heat left my hair stunted, thin and damaged.  I decided that I would wear my hair in its natural state without heat and by using natural hair products. I educated myself on what products to use and since then everything is pretty much trial and error.

To show you how my hair has transformed, please refer to the first photo below.  This was one of my first pictures taken in 2016 when I decided to wear my first wash and go.  Through a ton of patience, persistence and good old TLC, my hair is finally strong, healthy and growing!  I plan on straightening my hair to get a trim either this week or next so that I can really see how much it has grown. I f you have any questions please feel free to ask below as I have a ton of hair posts and videos to refer to.

January 2016

April 2017

Two Years NaturalTwo Years NaturalTwo Years NaturalTwo Years NaturalMay 2017

Two Years NaturalTwo Years NaturalTwo Years NaturalJune 2017

Two Years NaturalJuly 2017

Two Years NaturalTwo Years NaturalAugust 2017

Two Years NaturalTwo Years NaturalTwo Years NaturalNovember 2017

Two Years NaturalTwo Years NaturalDecember 2017

Two Years NaturalTwo Years NaturalTwo Years NaturalJanuary 2018


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