Fitness Friday Essentials

Fitness Friday Essentials

Fitness Friday Essentials

So excited to be sharing some of my fitness Friday essentials! With the upcoming wedding (I know you’re tired of hearing about) I have been kicking up my fitness. I’m working out 6 days a week with Sundays being my rest day. It isn’t easy but I push through anyway. Here are some of my essentials for getting me through my workouts.

Workout Tank – This tank, leggings and sports bra set I can’t wait to get in! It may sound crazy but there is nothing more motivating than having a cute workout outfit

Workout Leggings – Nothing like a cute pair of leggings to get you excited for a workout…at least it works for me

Sports Bra – Love this sports bra, part of the set from Old Navy. It’s funny because I had no idea about there active line or never really paid attention. Now I’ll be running there because they have the best deals! If you’re looking for the best sports bras for you, could look around at sites like and others.

Sneakers – We all need a good pair of sneakers, especially me. I have to wear my orthodic whenever I work out ever since I broke my foot. I’m still working on the sneaker department. I know a lot of people that are really into Vessi footwear at the moment, so I’ll have to check them out at some point.

Apple Watch – One of the main reasons why I got an Apple watch was to track my steps and for workouts. I love the workout app that comes on the watch to help me track my progress everyday. It’s also great that I can see everything on my phone too.

Insulated Water Bottle – This thing is amazing! It keeps your cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. I’m always fascinated after getting some cold water and checking back minutes even hours later and it’s the same temp!

Fiji Water – just hands down the best tasting bottled water out there in my opinion

Xtends BCAA Powder – This has been a total game changer and life saver. My first week back working out I was sooooo sore. Actually sore to the point that I was in pain. A friend of mine told me that I was probably not fueling my muscles properly and told me about this powder. It supports muscle growth, recovery and replenishes electrolytes. Having this during my second week of working out has helped tremendously. I can last in my workouts and do more reps without feeling terribly fatigued.

Yoga Mat – So I currently don’t have a yoga mat but this one sure is a front runner. I do a lot of exercises on the floor and sharing a mat is just gross. This one in particular just may have to go in my cart.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Apparently last week I did not do the greatest job explaining my fitness regime. Below I have my latest video which is about an easy leg day workout that I do.

Thanks for reading!