2020 Gift Guide For Her

2020 Gift Guide For Her

Been kinda slacking on the gift guides over here but today I share my 2020 gift guide for her. These would all be fantastic gifts for any lady in your life plus I own some of them and can speak to them.

2020 Gift Guide For Her

These are definitely more of a splurge gift but they keep going on sale so snag them while the price is lower. Unless the person is specific on a designer pair of sunglasses, Amazon has a great option for a fraction of the price and same look.

With us being in front of the screen so often now, why not protect your lady’s eyes with a pair of blue light glasses. There are so many different styles to choose from. Many people ask if they really work and I feel like they do. You can definitely tell that they take the strain off of your eyes.

Ohh the beloved Spanx faux leather leggings. Yes there is a reason why they are as popular as they are and for the price. If there were ever a time to purchase them, it would be now. You can find them on sale so act fast. I linked both the non maternity and maternity ones since I own and can speak to both. Trust me, there are many “dupe” versions but there is nothing like splurging and getting the real thing. You won’t regret it.

So I’m talk about all 3 of these Tula items in one. Let me just say that for the sake of everyday favorites, I added a 4th item in the photo slide above, the toner. I use these products every single day with the exception of the glow stick. That gets used more when I’m wanting a “no make up, makeup look” which I’m not wearing makeup often at all these days. Any, you can’t go wrong with these items plus they can be found in gift sets right now.

This bag <3 . Every time I share this bag someone snags it up. It’s a great LV dupe and with the price being under $50 makes it even better. There are a bunch of different color options to choose from. I have the brown tote and it has held up great.

LOVE this duffel and again coming in at a great price. I actually feel like this bag is unisex. Sadly enough I haven’t been able to use this bag yet (where am I going) but I’m sure in due time I will. Maybe I’ll pack it as a hospital bag for when baby girl comes. Anyway, if the lady in your life is looking for luxury minus the price tag, this is a great gift option.

The beloved sleep mask. If you haven’t tried one yet, you probably should. In my personal option they just make your sleep more luxurious and enjoyable. I don’t wear one all of the time but still great to have.

For me the gift that keeps on giving is socks. Haha I don’t know about you but I love socks, especially cozy ones. You can find many pairs for under $20 so I’m sharing these.

I just got these and love them! Typically I only get 1 pair of Uggs every 10 years haha. My last pair of classic Uggs I actually had since college…so like 14 years haha and I still have them. It was definitely time for a new pair plus you will get your monies worth. Little did I know that this pair was going to be so popular this year. PS. for size reference I went down a size.

Hint hint, these are on my wishlist. This pandemic has brought a whole new meaning to loungewear and comfy chic. Add being pregnant on top of that and give me all the comfies. I’ve actually always wanted these little Ugg slippers but never pulled the trigger. Since I usually only wear my Uggs around the house, I figure it’s time to get a practical pair in slipper form.

Thanks for reading!