Pregnancy Favorites So Far

Pregnancy Favorites So Far

Wow, another week gone by and we’ve made it to Friday. Today I want to share some of my pregnancy favorites so far. I’m not sure how much pregnancy/baby content to share here and on social media so if you want more, or less, just let me know. Anyway, these items I pretty much use on a daily basis.

Pregnancy Favorites So Far

Pregnancy Pillow

This thing is life changing! Haha I wish I were joking but I’m not. Everyone can benefit from this pillow, pregnant or not. Oh and trust me, Sheldon and the cat love this pillow just as much as I do.

Sweater Dresses

I don’t think I’ve ever owned or worn as many sweater dresses as I do now. There are just so many ways to wear them and they look so cute with a bump. Bodycon dresses with cardigans has also been another favorite of mine.

Massage Gun

My saint of a husband bought this on a whim. Little did he know that I had just included it in a gift guide. This massage gun has been an absolute savior when it comes to those pregnancy back aches. There are a bunch of different attachments plus speed settings for any need.

Bio Oil

This has been my go to for keeping my growing body moisturized. My most targeted areas are all over my belly and back, upper thighs and booty. Other great moisturizing recommendations I have are Mama Mio Oil and Shea Butter.

Pre-Natal Vitamins

I started taking pre-natal vitamins long before we started “trying” to have a baby. Between getting off of birth control and letting it get out of my system, I had heard that taking prenatals can help get your body ready with all of the nutrients you’ll need for pregnancy. Here are the two that I’ve taken.

Ritual – These are amazing and look super cool too. It has 12 key nutrients your body needs for before and during pregnancy. Not to mention the bottle smells like fresh lemon. You do have to take 2 of these per day. I actually have a code for y’all: DAVIDA10 will get you 10% off your first 3 months.

Nature Made – These are what I am currently using. I had them before the Ritual ones and now after I tan out of the Ritual ones. You only have to take one of these per day. These are way easier to get your hands on since they can be found at any drugstore or super market.

Maternity Leggings

Spanx Mama Faux Leather Leggings – If you’re looking for a pair to invest in then I have to recommend Spanx. The mama faux leather leggings make me still feel stylish with my growing bump.

Old Navy Jersey Leggings – Something more on the reasonably priced side is this pair from Old Navy. These are your standard cotton/jersey material so more of an everyday legging. I love the comfort they offer and the fact that they stay up.

Thanks for reading!