2023 Summer Jewelry Trends

2023 Summer Jewelry Trends

2023 Summer Jewelry Trends. I’m definitely a bit behind with this post but in my defense I thought I hit publish lol. I did a segment on Fox29 Philadelphia on my birthday June 28 all about 2023 Summer jewelry trends. Since I do not gatekeep aka keep secrets, I figure why not share the info here on the blog. It’s great to know, especially if you like to keep up with trends, plus I’ll include the ink to my segment at the end of this post.

2023 Summer Jewelry Trends

Whenever it comes to trends I try and look to the most reputable brands and companies. Most of my information I got from Elle.com.

Now when it comes to jewelry, though I love it, since I have the two littles at home I can’t commit to wearing a lot of it so I am a bit of a minimalist. I’ll be sharing with you items from Marlyn Schiff which is a local brand and she has a store in Haverford, Bauble Bar which is e-commerce, Target and Walmart which we all know and love.

2023 Summer Jewelry Trends

Trend 1: Hoop Earrings – Hoops are not just great for summer but I think all year round.  They look great whether you wear your hair up or down.

Bauble Bar Dalilah Large Hoops / $42

Marlyn Schiff 2” Hollow Post Hoop / $48

Target A New Day Silver Hoops / $7.99

Walmart NOBO / $6.88

2023 Summer Jewelry Trends

Trend 2: Beaded Jewelry – The perfect jewelry for summer because of how playful it is.  When I think of summer I think of being relaxed and fun.  Beaded jewelry is exactly that.  It can be colorful and I like that it’s not traditional like a chain.  Beaded anklets to me scream summer or remind me of vacation. The only thing with beaded jewelry is depending on where you get it from/price/vibe you are going for, it can look a bit costumey.

Bauble Bar Kaua’i Anklet / $38

Walmart Time and Tru Necklace / $7.92

Target Universal Thread Necklace / $16.99

Trend 3: Bangles – Summer is the perfect time to wear bangles since you will usually be in some sort of short sleeve.  They especially look great when multiple are worn or if you want to mix and match bracelet thickness. 

Target A New Day Bangles / $12.99

Marlyn Schiff Crystal Mini Starbust Bangle / $46

Bauble Bar Melissa Cuff Bracelet / $48

Walmart Time and Tru / $5.88

Trend 4: Chunky Rings – I love a trend that is fun and approachable and chunky rings are that.  Much like the beaded jewelry trends, Gen Z has taken to this trend in a more playful fashion.  (show Target rings) I remember wearing rings like this in middle school.  If you like a more classic look, you could look for individual rings like this (show Marlyn Schiff ring) or a stacked ring set like this (show Bauble Bar Jamila ring).

Target Wild Fable Rings / $12

Bauble Bar Jamila Ring / $48

Marlyn Schiff Stainless Snake Coil Ring / $46

Walmart Time and Tru / $5.88

Trend 5: Chains – Chains can be as bold or subtle as you want them to be.  You can keep it simple and just wear one or mix different chain weights and lengths to give your look some dimension.  Since the trend for Summer favors heavier chains, I would mix this chain (show Bauble Bar chain) together with a thicker chain or go with something like this (show chain from Target).  The thing with chains are there many different types like herringbone, link chain, rope chain, ball chain, etc.

Bauble Bar Mini Hera Necklace / $42

Walmart Time and Tru Necklace (herringbone) / $4.88

Target A New Day Multi Chain Necklace / $16.99

Before I end this post I have to give a shout out and thank my friend Carrie or helping me out on this day. There was a lot more to set up than I thought and she came in to help out with that and capture content for me.

Watch the full segment here!

Thanks for reading!