What I Wore: 2023 Hilton Head Trip

What I Wore: 2023 Hilton Head Trip

What I Wore: 2023 Hilton Head Trip. I can’t believe how fast our trip went but here we are. This time of year in Hilton Head is super hot so light layers are your best bet. My travel outfit wasn’t the smartest choice because of its sweater material BUT it’s super cute so I’ll make an exception in the name of fashion.

Travel Outfits

What I Wore: 2023 Hilton Head Trip12

Athleisure Clothing

We went on walks every morning except the day we went to the beach and one day when it rained. The one thing I regret this trip was not bringing more athleisure clothing. I had more things packed but for some reason took them out my suitcase to take less things. On one of our walks I ended up I a full outfit wearing a maxi skirt, denim top and sandals lol. When I go on vacation I always make sure I have enough outfits plus some options. This time around having two little kids things were a bit different. My whole suitcase could have been full of cute athleisure clothing and I would have been fine.


What I Wore: 2023 Hilton Head Trip

Everyday Outfits

The maxi skirt outfit is the one I wore on one of our walks. I also wore the blue gingham dress on a walk too because I wanted photos on the dock wearing it. Like I said earlier, if you are going to Hilton Head in the summer you want to keep your clothing lightweight. My favorite material is linen or a cotton linen blend because it’s sweatproof, if you know what I mean.

Next up, I’ll be sharing what we did while in Hilton Head. You can find my latest Hilton Head Island travel guide here.

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