4 Ways To Style Wide Leg Jeans

4 Ways To Style Wide Leg Jeans

4 Ways To Style Wide Leg Jeans. Hello everyone I hope you all have been doing great thus far. I have been leaning on y’all a lot more to help me out with producing the content that you want to see. What is helpful for you and what can I be doing more of. Thankfully y’all gave me lots of ideas and one of them being to make more “4 ways to style” videos/posts.

Wide leg jeans are super popular right now and on trend for 2022. Even though they are great, they can be hard to style. Styling them is all about proportions. This post/video was requested by my friend Chelsea, so thank you for the idea. I will be sharing all of these looks in a video on TikTok and reels today but until then, enjoy these four looks.

With A Cropped Sweatshirt

4 Ways To Style Wide Leg Jeans

If you don’t have a cropped sweatshirt, a trick is to take the bottom of your sweatshirt and tuck it into your bra.

With A Puffer Vest

Take a white shirt and tuck it in. Add a puffer vest and platform sneakers to balance and complete the look.

With A Shacket and Bra Top

4 Ways To Style Wide Leg Jeans

Since hackers are the perfect layering piece, layer a bra top with a shacket and finish with combat boots.

With A Bodysuit and Cropped Puffer Coat

4 Ways To Style Wide Leg Jeans

Take a bodysuit of your choice and pair your look with boots. Add a cropped puffer jacket to complete the look.

Which look can you see yourself wearing? As always I appreciate your feedback. Right now you can expect to see an updated post about the hair products I use, more “4 ways to style” and some baby posts. The people on Instagram have spoken so what do my blog readers what to see? Catch more ways to style outfit inspiration here.

Thanks for reading!