5 Fashion Items For 2022

5 Fashion Items For 2022

5 Fashion Items For 2022. Wow, wow, wow first off Happy New Year! Feels like forever since my last blog post. I’ve actually been focusing on video content. I do plan on getting back to posting and sharing my video content on here too.
With the new year, the one thing on people’s minds are trends and what to expect. Today’s post is showing you 5 pieces from 2021 that you will be seeing in 2022. I’ll also be showing these pieces in today’s reels video so stay tuned.

Chunky Boots

5 Fashion Items For 2022

They are both statement-making and practical, what’s not to love?

Puffer Jackets

They will take your outerwear to the next level this winter

Relaxed Denim

Jeans (out of stock)

I’ll forever love skinny jeans but trade yours in for more relaxed styles


5 Fashion Items For 2022

Zest up your OOTD with this favorite woven pattern.  No wardrobe piece is off limits 

Bold Patterns & Bright Colors

5 Fashion Items For 2022

Post quarantine everyone wants bright colors.  Hold onto your funkiest, eye-catching, color-popped pieces.

Are you into any of these trendy items? If so, which do you plan on wearing?

Thanks for reading!