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For today’s “Wedding Wednesday” post I’m sharing our save-the-date magnets with Basic Invite!  Choosing these save-the-dates was one of the easiest processes so far.  Of all of the decisions that need to be made during the wedding planning process, Basic Invite truly made it seamless.  One of the first things Sheldon and I took into account was whether to have traditional invites or magnets.  Sheldon really wanted to do magnets and I could not agree more.  Since our wedding is still a ways away, we won’t be sending them out right now.  It is nice, however to have them on hand in case someone moves far away, like to another country.

Basic InviteBasic Invite

Why did we choose magnets you ask?  Pure convenience.  We all know when we get a letter or regular invite in the mail we tend to toss it to the side.  Next thing you know, you forget when the actual wedding is…it happens.  Choosing a magnet was a no brainer because you will be forced to put it on your fridge.  If you don’t, that’s on you lol.

Basic Invite Basic InviteBasic InviteBasic Invite
Some key points and reasons why you should use Basic Invite for your next event.

Almost unlimited colors

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online.  This was so helpful to be able to see what our actual invites would look like.

Custom samples

Just like it says, customers are given the ability to order a printed sample of their actual invitation.  You will be able to see exactly how the invitation will print and the paper quality before placing the final order.  I did not choose this option but it is so great to have.  Imagine being able to order a sample of clothing online and trying it before you commit to buying.

Over 40 different colors of envelopes

Choose from different colors when it comes to your invitations.  Also, all of the envelopes are peel and seal so that the envelopes can be quickly and securely closed. No need to worry about licking any of them!

Over 200 wedding invitation sets

Each of the wedding invitations is part of a set.  Seeing as we still have some time to go, I did not use this option.  When the time does come for ceremony invitations, I get the option of wedding programs and even matching thank you cards!

Free address collection service

Feel free to use Basic Invite’s free address collection service to request your guests addresses.  Just share a link, collect addresses and get free envelope printing.  This option is amazing, especially if you don’t have the best handwriting.  I am choosing to personalize each invitation so I also did not use this option.  There is another address collection service that you should know about too!

Invitation tip

Speaking of address collection service, here is a tip.  Total game changer…brides you need to sign up on Postable!!!  It will be one of the most painless things you do during your wedding planning process.  All you do is sign up with your email (it’s free).  Put in your soon to be spouse’s name and your wedding date.  Next, you receive a custom link you can email or text to your potential guests.  Once they receive the link, it will prompt them to fill in their mailing information, phone number, birthday and plus one if they are getting one.  So much time and headache saved.  I also feel like it’s a weight of my matron and maid of honor’s shoulders with collecting addresses.

Basic Invite

Thanks for reading!

*Thank you to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own.*